Where can you get free stuff on your birthday?

I remember going to Denny’s used to be an annual tradition because you’d get your meal free on your birthday. I was incredibly bummed when they stopped the policy, not so much because I liked Denny’s (I’d only go once a year as it was) but because I liked the idea of getting something free.

Last time I checked, Blondie’s pizza in the Bay Area used to give a free slice on your b-day, but I haven’t been there on the right day in years, so don’t know if they still do it.

So, what chains (large or small, national or regional) still give free food/goods/services if it’s your birthday? And I’m not talking about “they always give me this at my local whatever”, but a more formal, written policy.

Our local carwash. I don’t remember the name but it is big and full-serviced and I am pretty sure a chain. They give a free carwash on your birthday. The only catch is you have to sign up early via their mailing list but they never seem to send much of note except for the birthday wash notices and other coupons. The basic service is about $8 so it is a decent perk.

Hollywood video gives you a free rental(s) on your birthday.

As I recall, both Farrell’s and Baskin-Robbin’s Ice Cream parlors let you sign up for a Birthday Club, which gets you a card giving you a free ice cream on your birthday. I know they did this for kids, don’t know if it continues past age 18 or 21.

Texas de Brazil gives you some sort of freebie on your birthday if you sign up with their E-club. I get special offers all the time, but I used my work email so don’t really recall what they are. I’m thinking you get a free meal on your birthday, probably with restrictions like X number of meals at full price on the ticket. Never been there on my birthday, and the only time I tried to use a special there the fine print said “not good on Saturday”, which is of course when we went.

Rock Bottom brewery sends you a postcard that you can turn in for a free appetizer or dessert if you are part of their Mug Club.

Apparently, since I just got one in the mail the other day

I am intrigued by this thread. Please, do go on.
Can you tell my birthday is coming up? :slight_smile:

In Cali:

Personally confirmed:
[li]Dave & Buster’s (arcade/bar/restaurant) gives you a $10 PowerCard (sign up in advance here).[/li][li]Todai (Japanese buffet chain) either gives you a free meal or a coupon for a free meal on your next visit. Depends on the particular store, I think.[/li][li]Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes (salad buffet chain) gives you one free meal with the purchase of another (sign up in advance here).[/li][li]Daphne’s (Greek fast casual restaurant) gives you some sort of food, but I forgot what (sign up in advance here).[/li][/ul]

[li]Red Robin (burgers/diner) gives you a free burger (sign up in advance here).[/li][li]Black Angus (steakhouse) gives you a free steak meal (sign up in advance here).[/li][li]Red Lobster supposedly gives you $5 off your meal and a free appetizer (sign up in advance here).[/li][/ul]

Other lists:
[li]Businesses that give you free stuff on your birthday (a forum thread)[/li][li]A Google search for “birthday” at fishbowl.com, a popular marketing company that many restaurant chains use for promotions.[/li][/ul]

My sister and mother both get gift certificates for a free pair of panties on their birthdays from Victoria’s Secret. I’m guessing you have to sign up at the store or something, though, because I’m not finding an on-line sign-up.

When you turn 18, you might get a special surprise gift..

Domino’s in Japan gives away free tote bags and other items if you order a pizza the week of your birthday.

At HOME! Jeez, I can’t believe nobody else got this right! Even a 3 year old knows this one.

Ben and Jerry’s gives you an ice cream cone (3 scoops) on your birthday. All you need to do is show up with some ID.

Vermonters please correct me, but I seem to remember that the Sirloin Saloon used to give a discount of your age% on your birthday.

Coldstone gives you a freebie on your birthday with a simple sign-up at coldstonecreamery.com. Yummmmmmmmmmmm.


Gar! :mad:

Why does my birthday have to be in late November? Who goes out to eat ice cream in November? In Minnesota?

No enjoyable free ice cream for me I guess.

Hey, my birthday was on free cone day this year. Also, I was nowhere near a Ben and Jerry’s :smack:

Them’s the breaks. My birthday’s in August, and I keep getting offered free ice cream. I don’t like ice cream. Why don’t I ever get offered something I like?

(The people with me usually like ice cream, though, so that’s a plus.)

If your birthday is July 13, Krispy Kreme gives you a free dozen donuts.

My office loved me this year. :slight_smile:

Arthur Haus, a comedy/supper club outside of Platteville, Wis., gives a ticket to a free comedy show during the month of your birthday. (This will be useful to only one other person on this board.) You have to sign up at the restaurant, though. The comedians are usually pretty good.

Spring Green, Wis., has proclaimed itself Birthday Town. If you go there on your birthday and stop at one of the participating stores, they’ll give a participation card that lets you travel downtown and visit participating businesses collecting free stuff. It’s not like they’re giving you a Lexus or anything, but you can get a free lunch entree at one of the restaurants.

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