Where did my cat's balls go?

We had our cats spayed and neutered yesterday. We have 2 girls and a boy.

Anyway, I’m wondering what veterinarians do after they remove the ovaries, uterus, or testicles of cats and dogs?

They don’t make earrings out of them…do they?


They go in the same bin as anything else excised from an animal (eg: tumors, debrided tissues, etc) and are treated as medical waste. A commercial medical waste processing company picks up the waste and incinerates it along with the medical waste that they’ve picked up from human hospitals and doctors’ offices.

Pretty boring, actually. Nowhere near as morbidly interesting as making jewelry out of them.

I would hesitate to buy any jewelry at the shop next door though, just to be safe.

And definitely don’t eat at any nearby Chinese take-out joints.

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Mmmm. Wonton Soup.

So would I:

This worries me no end.

If this man is willing to have his testicles removed just to make a pair of earrings then it’s more than possible other people are neutering their cats for the very same purpose.

Although I suppose that using cat testicles instead of one’s own apparatus has many lifestyle advantages unconnected with mere jewellery.

my cats balls always end up under the couch where I have to get them all the time …real nuisance

At the vet clinic where I worked, our pet cremation company would pick up the “gut bag” every so often at no extra charge. We once slipped a dead parakeet in there in the middle of winter. There was no way I could dig a hole in Indiana in February, and I wasn’t about to chuck him in the dumpster. Poor Brighton.

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One of our cats had his tossed in our rubbish bin - after being de-balled on the dining room table. You should see how far things get stretched before snipping. :eek:

My wifes ex is a vet, so he did the job while picking up his kids.


I’ve done this dozens of times for friends. Most recently, a buddy of mine bought his kid a pony at auction. He knows next to nothing about animals, so he never realized his pony was a sex-crazed stallion until I pointed them out.

He asked me to castrate the pony, and I agreed as long as he would help. When I tossed ball #1 aside, he (my friend) collapsed. I will never let him live it down. :smiley:

I’ve banded calves before, but never castrated them. Would banding not work after a certain age?

At the hospital where I used to work they went in the trash in surgery. We had no medical waste bins, everything was okay to go out with the regular trash. Our only biohazard materials were sharps.

I had my two male kittens neutered at the same time. And just as Elliot was having his testicle snipped off, Moriarty, who was recovering, sat up and started trying to lick his (now empty) balls, so the tech in charge of holding the just-removed testicle shook it at Mory with her forceps as she told him to stop licking. It was really amusing.

I got to be the “puller” on a number of feline castrations, and those suckers really do stretch out pretty far. And they squish when you clamp down on 'em.

My ex-wife brought home our remodeled male cat, and a jar containing the cat’s ‘remainders’ in formalin. I kept the jar on the mantel as a conversation piece.

I still tell people that I was supposed to get custody of my own jar in the divorce settlement…

I think mine have just crawled back up into my body :eek:


Are you sure he wasn’t just pinin’ for the fijords? :wink:

Ummm…there is some question as to whether or not it is humane to place a tight rubber band around the proximal scrotum, cutting off testicular blood flow, then allowing them to rot. It is used in large animal medicine because of economics. Granted, it is well tolerated by very young calves/lambs.