Where did Scott Evil go?

So… are times changing?
Also, I’ve not seen a Handy post for a while.

Did I miss the BermuDope?

I thought I saw a send off for him. But if you use the search, you can search for his
posts to see if hes posted.

Somebody gave a “send off” for Handy? Boy, go away from the keyboard for a piss and the world falls apart.

Scott Evil joined Sceptre but he wasn’t quite, well… evil enough. Scott shopped himself around, but after even the old Masters of Menace passed on him he got discouraged, and after a change of heart is currently with the Legion of Substitute Heros. He and Matter Eater Lad are best buds.

I saw him at the IHOP on I10.

Two words: Bunny attack.

I think he went to buy some condoms. Everybody should always remember to use condoms, especially gay people. You really just can’t say it enough.

You mean he’s Scottnotquitevilenough…I am confused…please "
'splain to me?

If your parents had only believed that.


I saw him posting somewhere, possibly IMHO, just today.

I thought I did, anyway.


I went to TorontoDope. My last post was when we arrived at Cerowyn’s laaaaaaate Friday night. Just got back now. (Will post TorontoDope details as well as juicy tidbits from the ride back, like how I converted Eonwe to homosexuality. :wink: Where’s my toaster? :D)

Handy, the send-off was for matt_mcl, but I started the thread, so maybe therein lies the confusion.

All in all, an incredibly fantastic weekend. :slight_smile:

  • s.e.

So! You’re scott evil! Or…are you?!? :eek: :confused: :smiley:

So you went to TorontoDope, did you, Scott? Well, I certainly hope you had a great time, and didn’t once think about evil acts such as terrorizing Bunny while wearing a giant, inflated condom over your head. Evil, of course, because it would traumatize her and possibly be her own (premature) send-off. (sorry, I tend to make fun of / burn people, and had to incorporate a bunch of stuff that was said before… no offense meant) :smiley:

All kidding aside, it’s great to see Scott back. That means I can resume reading his posts, watching more-or-less silently as the latest controversy blows up yet again (only in a slightly different manner than last time), offer him empathy over the latest job tremor, etc. You get the picture.