Where did the name "soccer", come from?

Is the United States the only country to call english football, soccer?

Soccer is the nickname for Association Football. Since we have our own brand of football it makes a lot of sense to refer to it as soccer.

Well call it soccer in Canada too.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_(word) will help you out - it’s not unheard of in Britain, particularly in rugby-dominated areas, and is also commonly used in Ireland.

In Bend it Like Beckman, there was a Soccer store prominently featured. That movie, of course, took place in England. Also all of the Asian Indians at work call it soccer, too, but I don’t know if that’s just adaptation to the American lingo or not.

Wow, Wiki and Merriam-Webster are tragically unclear, but apparently Airman Doors’ note that soccer is a “nickname” for Association Football is close–it appears that “soccer” is actually an abbreviation of the words “Association Football.” How? Beats me. Webster doesn’t say. But I guess it was like “Assoc. Football”, then “Soc Football” then “Soccer.”

I read about this a while ago. Adding -er to the end of a word was a type of slang. So breakfast became brecker. Associated became 'soccer.

And rugby is sometimes known as rugger.

Funny. I noticed that too, and even asked a question about it.

There is an alternative derivation, which I recently saw put forward by Rory McGrath on the BBC programme ‘Balderdash and Piffle’.

His explanation is retold here: http://gavinrymill.com/origin-of-the-word-soccer.html

In Australia it was called soccer and the national team is called the Socceroos but they’re trying to get people to call it football now…

Association…Sociation… soccer…

As a general rule Football is known as Soccer in countries with their own sports called Football. In America you have American Football and is Australia they have Aussie Rules Football so it makes sense to call Football something else.

In England it is quite rare to hear Football called Soccer and indeed it isn’t uncommon to hear the use of the word Soccer followed by “It’s called Football fer Og’s sake, you aren’t American!!” :slight_smile:

Just some confirmation – at dinner last night with three Indian couples, they confirmed “football” as the word they use in English as well as in their 22 native languages.

Two summers ago I worked at a UK sports retailer called Soccer Sports (it was hell on Earth). Soccer is widely understood over here.