Where do you buy music?

Where do you buy music online? Why do you buy from them- price, availability, selection, another reason? Good stories about purchases, bad stories about purchases.

To buy stuff used and/or cheap, I go to www.half.com, where I also sell stuff. It’s an eBay site, but with fixed prices. No bad experiences to date.

www.hmv.com is also very nice; very quick service and good packaging.

www.djangos.com is also quite good, in my estimation.

There’s always Amazon if you need to fall back on something.

I honestly can say I have had no problems with any of the above.

I buy on eBay (the UK site, can’t vouch for any others) and have only had one non-appearance, when the daft girl who was selling discovered the CD box was empty and couldn’t find the CD. She refunded me, though. Note, I tend to buy older stuff, not chart music, and I’m patient enough to wait for a CD to turn up.

If I can’t be bothered to wait for something to turn up on eBay I use the second-hand sellers listing on www.amazon.co.uk - they usually undercut the new price and they’re damn fast at delivery, I think Amazon must be quite strict with them.

For new CDs (usually gifts, I’m a complete skinflint!) I use www.CDWOW.com , they have most stuff at £8.99 including delivery (that’s probably not cheap elsewhere, but here in the UK you’re looking at £13.99 for a chart CD in HMV!)