Where do you start brushing your teeth?

Drabble 1-02-07

Me, I start front and center, heading toward my left.

First I brush my tongue, then I start on my upper right molars.

I generally start in the bathroom, at the sink, but I sometimes wander all over the house, doing things as I brush.

I usually get back to the sink in time to spit, though.

In the bathroom, in front of the sink, of course.

Sorry, couldn’t resist… (on preview, darn you to heck, Cal!)

Exactly the same as the OP - front and center, then towards the left.


I start with the fronts of my upper-left teeth, near the back (where one of my wisdom teeth used to be).

35 and still a rebel, baby!

Well, I had to get the toothbrush out of my desk to simulate and jog my memory! The results: I start on the outside of the lower left wisdom tooth and molars.

Outside upper right molars in back, working my way forward. Now that I have a sonic toothbrush I can actually brush effectively back there now. :slight_smile:

Me too. I start there, then move up, and across, and down, getting all the molars done. I do the front teeth last.

Outside upper left molars, making a couple trips to the outer upper right molars and back again [30 seconds], then inside uppers- same deal [30 seconds], then inside lowers [30 seconds], then outside lowers [30 seconds]. Then my tongue. All thanks to my Sonicare. I luvs my Sonicare.

Precisely the same for me, right down to the Sonicare. Strange coincidence…or have you been plagiarising me?

No… but have you been brushing my teeth?

Lower left molars