Where does Barron Trump go to school?

This is not a debate question. We usually see all kinds of reports about Presidential kids, their schools, and everything. But we never hear anything about Barron. Where does he go to school? Somewhere in the DC area? New York? Is he home schooled?

St. Andrews Episcopal School, in Maryland. It’s probably about a 45 minute drive from the White House.


Given tendency of any question relating to Trump or his family to go off the rails, I am going to preemptively remind people to stick to factual responses, and to refrain from political jabs and insults.

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I’ll tack on that he finished the 2016-17 school year where he started it, before his Dad’s election, at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. (Cite) Barron and Melania didn’t move to the White House until after that school year was completed.

Amy Carter went to DC public schools. Since then all kids who were below college age in the White House went to private schools - Chelsea Clinton and Obama’s kids. All the other kids were college age or older.

I assume Barron has a secret service detail that follows him around whenever he is at school. How do they stay close to him without interfering with his movements? For example can he go to the bathroom by himself or does his detail follow him? Can he play outside with the other kids? Other than maintaining a secure parameter do they search all students, teachers and visitors that come to the school for weapons?

From the past I read that the SS agents stay outside classrooms for the presidential kids , I assume they check the bathrooms before use and they stay outside those too. Don’t know about securing the entire school.

I believe they attended Sidwell Friends School, a Quaker school. I think part of the appeal is that its campus is easier for the Secret Service to secure than a school in the city itself.

The Obama girls were in the Upper school, which is in DC proper. The elementary school is in Bethesda, which might as well be, but technically isn’t.

The upper school campus is on fifteen acres, so it’s more isolated than an urban school right in the middle of a neighborhood.