Where does 'Need For Speed Pro Street' sit on the NFS Good<->Utter sh...crap scale?

Crap being - Carbon, Most Wanted, Underground

Good being - Hot Persuit 2, Porche Unleashed (Porche Challenge 2000 I think it was called in the UK)
In other words… There have been good NFS games… Then the wankbuckets got hardons for the Fast and the Furious franchise (shit gradually to complete utter shit) and decided to make game versions of the films.
First impressions suggest that Pro Street is the latest in the poo-fest, what do you think?

I was just reading a review to see if it would make a good present for our 15-year-old nephew who loves racing games. No cops, annoying announcers, repetetive races…I think we’ll get him Dirt instead.

Wow. I haven’t played Pro Street but I’m suprised you call Most Wanted crap. That was my favorite of the series and I don’t know that I know anyone who bought it and didn’t like it.

I hate ‘me too’ posts, but I agree that it is my favorite of the series too. The mix of missions and racing and working your way up the ladder and the ‘xtreme attitude’ heavily toned down made it enjoyable.

The OP is unanswerable because he thinks Most Wanted is crap. :dubious:
What I would do is go to gametrailers.com and youtube.com and look at gameplay footage of Pro Street, then base your decision on that.

Well maybe I lumped it into the wrong pile because it’s cover made me think it was one of the bad ones… Looking at the video clips of it it looks quite good

I may have even owned it and liked it.

I went to go buy Pro Streets last week and i heard the guy at teh counter talking to another customer about it. They were slagging it off. I asked the guy behind teh counter if it is worth buying and he pretty much told me me its a recycled load of crap from the last few games, nothing worth playing in it.

BTW. I’ve liked all the NFS series even Carbon, Most Wanted, Underground, I liked the idea of a arcade feel racing game. Was nice to play something that wasn’t so simulation.

I didn’t like Most Wanted. It was the only NFS game I’ve played. The Burnout series spoiled me for arcade racers, I guess.

I just want a Hot Pursuit III :frowning:

Yeah it’s nice to be able to just drive around at highly illegal speeds without worrying about spinning out and tweaking car setups and such things. I like driving around in GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas too.

Agreed. If only I could drive around the whole of it without having to complete the missions.

You do get all of San Andreas and the county parts with several small towns, farms, etc. I played probably 15 hours or more and made it to the missions out in the county but never got one of the other cities unlocked. I did go to the Las Vegas one flying by jetpack cheat, but of course I had a 5-star wanted level the whole time and could only flit from rooftop to rooftop. Kinda fun though.

Last one in the series I played was Underground 2; loved the first one, hated the sequel. Why the hell did they have to go and change the rules for awarding points?

Ever play the Midnight Club series? The second one has a dopey story and dopier characters, but fantastic racing action. The third one drops most of the cartoony stuff and focuses on the driving. Pretty cool.

Second the Midnight Club series. Burnout (2, 3, 4) was more fun, but Midnight Club had more races and generally more challenge, and was also pretty fun to play.

Also, if you haven’t picked it up, give consideration to Test Drive: Unlimited. It takes place entirely on one of the Hawaiian islands and allows free-form driving (required to get to some challenges as well as to get to the various car and motorcycle dealers) as well as a variety of challenges: time attack, race against competitors, race against the clock and don’t mangle your vehicle, and speed camera attacks where you have to reach high speeds at various camera stations.

In addition, if you pick it up for the 360, other random players appear in the game with you and you can offer challenges as well as create your own racees and upload them with a reward that you offer to the fastest player.

Lots of cars and none of the ‘extreme’ attitude. It plays best on HDTV as some of the GPS text can be small, but it is amazingly good.

Yes, I’ll second the suggestion of Test Drive Unlimited. There is a very large area to drive, cities, small towns, highways, mountain roads, lots of buildings and details like dense forest/jungle and waterfalls. The driving “feel” isn’t as good as Need For Speed Most Wanted, you can’t go 200mph down the road with as much impunity. But it’s still an impressive game.

Plus you can buy classic cars like old Camaros, obscure European cars, and even motorcycles.

I just played the demo of Burnout: Paradise, downloaded from XBOX Live. They’ve retconned it quite a bit, it now looks and plays a lot like NFS: Most Wanted or Midnight Club. No more menus to get to races, you drive around town looking for race icons and other things, so its more of a sandbox than before.

The look is grittier, like NSF: MW, rather than the bright, cheery look of previous Burnouts (which sometimes reminded me of classic Outrun). I’m not sure I like the road feel of the car very much, it feels kind of boring and the brakes suck and its more difficult to drift. Also like NSF: MW

You still “earn” boost by doing unsafe things, but now you can just drive through a gas station to get full boost. You could still run other drivers off the road to increase boost. There were only 2 races in the Demo, a straight up race, and a time-limit race.

There were various billboards around town to “collect” by jumping through them, and fences to bust through to find shortcuts. Some of the billboards were tough to figure out how to jump through, even though they weren’t hard to find in the first place. There was even a parking garage with 3 different jumps off the top level, much like a GTA game. The size of the area you could drive around in the demo was annoyingly small; the map showed a huge metro area that was dimmed out.

The super-annoying disk jocky (now named “Atomic”) from Burnout 3 is back, and you can’t shut him up in the demo, though I assume you can in the release game when it comes out. Or at least you better be able to.