Where have all the heroes gone?

Manny people in the “rape porn” thread in the Pit have admitted to having fantasies about rape (and at least one person tried to enact such a fantasy :D).

Is there anyone here who indulges in fantasies about being saved from a rape, or saving someone else from one? I would imagine there must be; the knight-in-armor/helpless maiden roles are (I think) more firmly ingrained in the collective unconscious than dominant/submissive roles. Or does anyone have fantasies about saving someone/being saved from anything, rape or otherwise? A lot of movie scenes play out one or the other of these ways.

When I was in grade 3, my friend Matthew Penarczyk and I used to play out scenes at a spot we called Damsel-in-Distress rock. First, I would cower and shriek on top of the rock while he fought off a dragon. Sometimes, afterwards, I would hop into his arms, and if we did it right, he wouldn’t fall down. Then he would lie on top of the rock, mortally wounded, and I would come along and heal him with apple juice. “You learned your roles early,” said my psych-major friend in college. “Male as rescuer; woman as nurturer.”

IRL, you’d need a third party to play out the near-rape scenario properly, but there are plenty of other options. There’s been a time or two when Mr. Rilch has been Wolverine, scaring off a pack of wild dogs, after which I reward him for his kindness. And sometimes when he’s really tired, we play it the other way.

Anyone else? C’mon…

[sub]Where have all the heroes gone?[/sub]
“…and heroes are scarce in this neighborhood, or else simply not to be found.”~~~From Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” , or LOTR, I can’t recall which at the moment.

Sorry, Rilchiam, I couldn’t resist.

A friend of a friend who does business in Africa had a Rwandan girlfriend a few years back. It wasn’t a long term thing, but it probably saved her from genocide.

I hope that wasn’t too far of a tangent.

You people are disappointing me. Can’t you at least say that you and your SO set up a scenario where the woman was tied to the bed and the guy was on top of the wardrobe wearing a Batman costume and fell and knocked himself out and the woman had to dial 911 with her toe?


Fantasized? Nope. I’ve saved my (then) girlfriend from being raped.
I’ve also stepped in front of wives/girlfriends, keeping their SO’s off until the cops arrived. (Hotel work can be loads of fun, you bet.)

I guess the point of this ramble is that reality tends to spoil fantasy - none of these incidents were any fun at all, though I have to admit that seeing those wifebeaters cuffed made me feel good.