Where is the *original* Google Talk.

“Google Talk” now refers to google’s IM service. But there used to be a neat little program built by someone at google which would ‘talk’. All you had to do was enter three words and it would use search results to add words and create nonsense rambling sentences out of it.

Does that still exist?

I used to like playing with this, too. Your post inspired me to find it again. Here ya go.

lobsang is an expert in semiconductor physics britney lectures on the semiconductor lasers under cw as well as coherent light source. :smiley:

elvis can be found everywhere on earth and in the cosmos prices
I knew it all along!

Apparently light source is the only thing I’m coherent at.

Thanks Roland! I’m going to have fun with this later at work :slight_smile:

It doesn’t seem to ramble like it used to…

“the straight dope is a popular question and since i am dead i hope to be in second place because its got the sun in the church cathedrals as solar observatories jl”

This was promising until ‘ladypoetess’ ( :dubious: ) derailed it.

“this was in poor taste i think it is time to panic why news organizations have to do it ladypoetess”

“John McCain is proud of g gordon liddy”

barack obama and joe biden believe both of these extremes the middle way is here so feel free to skip this post i just moved into an apartment and tried to get this to workaargh.”

I am thinking a game could be made of this…
asakmotsd is offline member”

Heehee, here’s what I get using my first name.

Search phrase “Henry is”:

Henry is an investigative mythologist and author of ten books that i personally own this article is not drivel

Also, apparently it will return the same result for the same search. Neat.

Things you may not have known about gorillas:
gorilla inhabits the albertine rift montane forests ecoregion is a part of the story thoughts and patterns of behavior in focused encounters cambridge uk cambridge university

I think I missed the news story where there were focused gorilla encounters in “cambridge uk cambridge university”. I wonder how dangerous “focused gorilla encounters” are.
Here are the other posters in this thread (that haven’t been searched yet):

mobo85 the voiceovers

roland orzabal background

h3knuckles wallflower

jragon total

(what’s with all the one/two word answers? :()

This is what I got searching “Jeff” *my first name):

jeff buckley and his touring ensemble went back to australia last night then i got up and walked away while i was at techcrunch

I don’t know; it used to go on and on for as long as you’d let it. Most of the time, though, it’d eventually devolve into an endless string of “is is is is is is is”, so maybe this new behavior is the result of an attempt to fix that.

I agree that it sucks. I want my old 2,000-word nonsensical essay generator back.

gavia is a fully modular eulerian model several different chemical mechanisms are implemented in the pfc although via different receptor subtypes although it was recently proposed for deletion before nominate it for wikipediaarticles

Who says it doesn’t ramble? My dog will be so impressed by her new status…

My other dog is a wet hippy…

corbi is a commune in the province of the indian ocean

So’s my cat, Chessy! :eek:

Seriously, “Chessy is” got the identical result.

My other cat got:

“Fe is attracting insurgents middot”


I think my favorite results are the one like my name search and Jragon’s, where it starts out making sense and then suddenly veers off on a non sequitur like a senile old man.

This is what I got searching “Jeff” *my first name):

jeff buckley and his touring ensemble went back to australia last night then i got up and walked away while i was at techcrunch[/QUOTE]

Your name is familiar… Are you that “What the Buck” guy on youtube? :eek:

Here ya go:
the george w bush presidency is the worst in the nations history girls entered puberty and left school at the age of

No idea why it trails off like that.

In interest of equal time:
the bill clinton presidency economic impact on african americans by elgie mcfayden

Actually, I only entered my first name, it filled in “buckley” on its own.

That explains it rather well :smiley:

Besides, isn’t the What the Buck guy’s name Michael?

I got a rather amusing one for my last name:
Levi strauss was both a merchant and a militia captain both of whom have their faces painted light yellow and sprinkled with mica and german glass glitter for only

come to the dark side we have cookies tshirt design is printed on a hemispherical surface and is fed to the wolves a blogger at training camp the mma workout you