Where is the story, how can I find it?

I went a searching. Looking for a piece called, “You Fucking JW Bastards!”
Written by The King Of Soup. I think. I was going to look up a few of his stories and show them to my Dad. He would get a kick out of them. I had them saved on my pewter way back when, of course they got lost. I haven’t read them in a long time. I haven’t tried to search for Sampiro’s works yet. If I could at least get a few pointers on How to search (for dummies) I would like to try again.

Sampiro should be easy, I absolutely know I have the right guy, I just need to limit to his threads, not every post he has ever made.

But after searching for The King of Soup, and other variations, I have to wonder if I got the right name? Or if he changed it? Any long memories out there to give me a hand?

Thank you.

Maybe I am in the wrong forum, or my title sucks.
Either way I’m giving this a bump.
Can anyone remember the stories? IIRC The OP and some buddies spent a late night playing a game called “civilization” and after finally turning in for the morning, was awakened by the knocking of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Upon answering the door, OP gets a little medieval on the JW’s. There are many stories which this person wrote, and they are many years old.

Was this The King Of Soup, or am I mixing up my memories.
I tried searching for JW bastards, and every post that contained bastard showed up. No luck finding the title.

If this is absolutely the wrong forum, I am sorry. I am looking for a factual answer, so I felt this was the place.

Thanks again.

The King of Soup has only started 8 threads (at least only 8 on the server).

I think you mean this one: **Master Wang-Ka **had a run in with some Jehovah’s Witnesses

For some other great old rants, check out this old thread.

It doesn’t seem to be among the threads with “bastards” in the title.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

I found his post buried in the thread, and it is exactly the one I was looking for.
How I mixed up Master Wang-Ka with King Of Soup, I will have to think on.
Also, I had thought it was Master Wang-Ka’s thread to begin with.

You have given me back some of my glorious reading material. Thank you for your long and reliable memory What Exit.

You’re welcome and no problem, I tried a search and then I recalled a few best posts and best rants threads and thought it was in one of those. I got the link from the old rants threads I linked. I have some of my subscriptions in folders for just this reason. It is a handy tool that vBulletin includes.