What thread snagged you?

Or was there a particular thread that had you coming back to the SDMB for more?

Mine was Your most bizarre brain fart .

That thread had me snickering like a stoned Snidely Whiplash. It was embarrassing.

Since then, I’ve been lurking and only recently became a paid member. (sounds rather like I’m a gigolo, no?)

So what about you, was there any particular thread and/or poster that lured you here?

My thought that was that this is the epitome of MPSIMS material, but if it should be IMHO, mods, please feel free to move it.

Ok, maybe the question is too narrow. I don’t necessarily have to know the exact thread that caught your attention, but just a concept or idea that’s demonstrated here that you haven’t found anywhere else.

In the thread I mentioned above, it just made me feel a whole hell of a lot better about some of the truly assinine things I have done. It made me feel like I share the planet with similar life forms, instead of being the only one of my particular ilk.

I had the 1st SD book back in college so I had an idea of what this forum would be like but the Baby Jesus thread made me laugh until I cried!

I’ve said this before, but the discussions in Cafe Society are wonderful.

Definitely Cecil’s “How To Kill A Vampire” column. Not sure which book it was in, but that tipped me over…

Master Wang-Ka You Are Back! There’s a thread about you being missing, and I linked to your Jehovah Witnesses’s post the other day.

Good to see you!

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From here, August, 2000:


Master Wang-Ka, you have been missed!

My lower jaw hit the floor when I read your name and had to triple check that it wasn’t an ancient post!

Welcome back!


The bad cooking stories thread, which included a story about a mysterious house fire sparked by the intersection of an atomic chicken recipe and hair spray.

A friend of mine emailed a hysterical story titled The Horror of Blimps and after some searching for the source of such a funny story, I was led here. I read some more stories by Scylla, Master Wang-Ka and others, and I decided this was worth $14.95 a year.

:eek: Linky? Pretty please? I’ve seen the thread, I don’t remember that story!

Heh, heh. Scylla.

That guy is *really *funny when he wants to be. Wasn’t he the one who wrote about “Wal-Martians?”

In this thread, if I recall correctly.

Is this the thread you mean?

Scylla “Elephant Proof.” Beyond his absolutely hilarious story, were the comments from other members, that’s what hooked me.

I’ve said this before, but any chance to share the love!
[thread=353356]What to do with a potato and some monkey wrenches.[/thread]

I’ll jump in with everyone else and say Scylla’s threads are a big draw too.

It seems to be off in archive-land now, but when I saw the incredibly inane level of nitpicky detail displayed in the Comments on Mailbag Answers thread “Galileo, a hammer, and a feather”, I knew I had found my home.

Master Wang-Ka’s thread about Christmas in a classroom at a school he worked at. I’ve never been able to find it. Could someone kindly provide a link? It had me and all of my friends (who never ended up subscribing) in stitches.

I had read the books. Originally I showed up to read the columns because my paper didn’t carry them. It looks like the first two posts I made were in the threads

Do you have to relinquish one degree to get another?

Stoned and schizophrenic in the east

Both of which I appear to have killed, possibly with 1920’s style death rays.

I had been around the front page for a while, linked from ehowa or fark or something. The first thread to really catch my eye, though, was Scylla’s story about his Irish wolfhound. Sadly, I’m not able to find a link to it… probably just as well, I’d just end up crying again.