Where is this British "Slide" Tower?

In this Kinks video (link below) for the song “Do It Again” from the late 1980s, there is a “larger than life” spiral slide wrapped around a tower about the height of a lighthouse. Apparently, it is part of an amusement park on the shore somewhere in England. This must be a famous landmark to the British for it appears in many other things related to the world of the art and entertainment. Can someone tell me (a) the name of this tower? (b) the name of the amusement park? and © the location of this place, a beach name or closest town name or such?

Note: The tower is found around the 3:23 mark towards the end of the video, but scenes of the amusement park and beach appear throughout the video. Thanks!

Looks an awful lot like Brighton Pier to me. The seaside setting suggested that, and a check on Wikipedia indicated that they do have a helter skelter as part of the pier (photo here).

Here’s a gallery of helter skelters, if you want to try to match one to the video.

ETA: a quick look shows that SwissMan is correct, that’s Brighton Pier.

Just to note that helter skelters are not uncommon in Britain, as the link demonstrates.

And of course there’s a Beatles song about one. I mean, how Charles Manson read anything into this beyond “I go down a big spiral slide”, I’ll never know: