Where is Wally?

I understand that some people are touchy about this subject but who is this Wally carachter everibody keeps talking about every now and then? And what happened to him?

See http://fathom.org/teemingmillions/wally.adp

WallyM7 exemplified all that is good about the Straight Dope until he died on June 20, 2000. His influence pervades much of what the older users around here do. But be forewarned: Wally’s loss was a death in this tight-knit family. Relatives of his still post here, and close friends still feel the pain of his loss. Tread lightly on his hallowed memory. Here is a site that can explain it far better than I: http://fathom.org/teemingmillions/wally.adp

Oh, I didn’t know he had passed away, I’m very sorry and I thank you for your answers.

I think the mods could lock this one now.

Will do, MusicJunkie. Do me a favour, and do a search for the username WallyM7. You’ll learn that he was en extremely intelligent man, besides being hilariously funny. I for one still miss him every day.