Where on your body absorbs gel based drugs most?

Ok, firstly - yes, I am asking because I am taking a drug (testosterone) through a gel. It did come with recommendations*, to - but they seemed to be about the alcohol in the gel stinging you rather than about absorption levels. So please permit this as a GQ…
Which parts of your body are most absorbant of gel-based drugs? If you want the maximum amount of the substance in to your blood stream, what should you be looking for? My theory personally is to look for the bits where my “skin” (that is to say fat) is thinner, such as in say my elbow creases, on the basis there’ll be lots of blood vessels or whatever there. But I dunno what I’m talking about necessarily. What’s the straight dope?


With respect to my unusual comments - DO NOT PUT THIS STUFF ON YOUR BALLS.

I am ending this month’s supply, the first time I’ve ever been prescribed this, so thought I would try doing what it told you not to do. I didn’t think it would actually burn, but MY GOD IT DID.

I don’t understand why, but for the benefit of anyone googling in the future: THEY’RE NOT MAKING IT UP. DO NOT PUT TESTOGEL ON YOUR BALLS/TESTICLES OR PENIS. IT REALLY HURTS.

I’m guessing the alcohol is what makes it hurt. I’ll also guess that your balls is not the place to put it. I’d also guess it’s a good idea to follow the instructions when taking medications. Sorry to have nothing but guesses, but the alternative was to suggest that you try it again just to make sure :slight_smile:

I can’t understand why alcohol would sting you like that. Not to get TMI, but I have had bilogicial surfaces touch me down there with alochol on them, and that was not a problem.

More is not always better. Neither is faster. Use the stuff as directed, on the sites directed, or you can seriously fuck up your dosing and body. At the very least, you dramatically increase the risk, rate and severity of side effects if it absorbs more or faster than intended by the manufacturer or your doctor.

(And I’m not saying this to cover my ass or be obscure. I’m pretty fast and loose with the medical advice, and if it were safe to apply the gel just anywhere, I’d tell you so, I promise.)

w/n that is why I was very reluctant to mention I’m involved at all. I’m looking for information about the general situation.

I understand. But even phrased as a total GQ, with no mention of the drug or the person using it, I’d have to give the same answer. Gel based drugs are absorbed at the rate they’re intended to be absorbed on the body parts the directions say to use them. Use anywhere else is dangerous - maybe too fast, maybe too slow, but either way, not as intended and dosed for.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think you’d get detailed bomb making instructions or freebasing instructions on this site, either. There *are *limits to ignorance fighting. What you’re asking for is technically illegal (using a prescribed medication in a way other than the prescribed way), and we’re not supposed to provide people the information they need to perform illegal acts.

Probably right. This one time… um, a friend, that’s it… thought rubbing alcohol was all cool and sensual on his hands and arms, so why wouldn’t it be all cool and sensual on his junk?

It was neither cool nor sensual. Um, at least that’s what he told me, right.


No explanation given, although this might help …


Since this is GQ, I won’t give you my experience, since you’re asking for a factual answer. If you want opinion / experience, start an IMHO thread or PM me.

From the timing of the OP and edit and second post, it looks like the OP was typing while applying medicine to his balls. My monitor feels greasy.

Anyway the directions say not to allow anyone else to come into contact with the application area. Even without pain I think I would prefer my shoulder be off limits to human contact.

Topical medication absorbs quite well through most skin- it usually contains chemicals to increase permeability. Skin is also naturally extremely permeable to chemicals- the thickness doesn’t make much of a difference, as long as you avoid callouses (which might prevent absorption).

If you want to avoid wasting any, the only really significant tactic would be to avoid areas with hair, because some will get on the outsides of the hairs and dry there, not being absorbed.

Follow the directions. Do not apply it anywhere it says not to apply it. And as with anything containing alcohol, avoid sensitive skin areas and mucus membranes unless otherwise directed.

The studies I have seen that compared sites with Testosterone absorbtion - were small and not very meaningful differences.

From the wording used in the instructions - it is clear that at least SOME of the concern on where to administer the gel is based off contaminating other people. I believe that the arms - from what I read - and I have no idea why - were slightly better than the shoulders and upper back. However - you’d be more likely to pass off testosterone to women and such.

If you are using testim - I have found heating the packets to allow for easier extraction of the gel inside. It also seems to “evaporate” better. There is at least one study I found (on a patch - and not related to testosterone) that showed better absorbtion when heated. Keep in mind that heating the packets would take them outside their recommended storage temperature. You can just run them (unopened) under hot water for a couple minutes or place them next to you body (like in your front pockets) for maybe 20-30 minutes.

I have heard from a friend who is on the gel - who is very knowledgable and does tons of research, but is not a medical doctor - That the reason for not putting it on your balls is that it can cause hair loss. If this is true - I think putting that fact in the packet would certainly increase compliance.

Ballsack hair or head hair?

Any way believe me once you’ve put it on your balls once you won’t be doing it again.

Head hair.

I use Axiron, a prescription form of testosterone that comes in liquid, not gel, form. Users are directed to apply it to the underarms, and it comes with an applicator that assists in that task. I have found it quite effective.

Can I ask my fellow testosterone users how much they are paying for their prescriptions? I have an introductory deal that provides my first eight months’ supply for $25 a month. But then the price goes up to something like $330 a month. :eek:

My drug plan covers it. I pay a $75 copay for a 90 day supply.


Just a guess, but I think the application recommendation has to do with applying it to areas that have the least amount of body hair, at least in those that are typically low in “T”. Shoulders, upper arms and the upper back typically have little body hair. Men with a lot of hair in those areas are probably not low in testosterone. I’m thinking that the application will not be absorbed through hair so put it on smooth skin for maximum effectiveness. If I’m wrong I am fully willing to be stood corrected.

Thanks. Anyone else who is paying directly?