Where should I work? For Science!

I have a few job offers (or likely job offers) for research positions in my field starting mid next year. All the jobs are pretty equally interesting, and pay roughly the same in their local currency and are about the same in terms of purchasing power.

So, what do the teeming masses think? Just based on location, and assuming all the offers come through, where do you think I should work?

Does anybody have some feedback on specific locales?

I’ve made it multi-choice too in case you think some are tied. There is the possibility of getting a faculty position where I currently work, and of course it that comes through I’ll be staying here.

Antarctica, for sure.

(You haven’t mentioned any locations…)

The poll isn’t showing up?

It does show up now. And you should totally work in Trier, both because it’s a lovely city and because I’d come over for a tour of your [del]lair[/del] lab so you can show me your [del]fledgling terminators[/del] totally friendly AIs!

The Aperture Science Enrichment Center is in Michigan, but since it’s not on your list I’d go to Zurich.

Every second thing in Oz is venomous, bitey, bad-tempered or all three, screw that place.

The poll worked for me.

I’ve really enjoyed my time in Germany but I’m not a huge fan of winter so I’d also rule out Switzerland. On the other end of the spectrum is Tampa and i have no interest in that heat and humidity so they’re gone. I really don’t like San Francisco so I’d drop them too.

I really liked Brisbane and Australia in general and wouldn’t mind living there but I’ve always though new zealand was gorgeous and if I got the chance I’d have to take it. One of my best friends just headed to New Zealand on her way to Antarctica and I’m very jealous.

How are you w/ speaking the language in the first two?

I’d vote for one of them if you speak the local language; it’s so easy to hop to another country for a weekend.

Good question. I speak English and French. I will have a fair amount of notice before any of these jobs starts, so I think I’ll be able to learn the language well enough to get by at a basic level.

Do they ever serve cake?

I have lived in Zurich for over a year and a half and loved it. Also for over a year in Fribourg and loved that too.

If they all pay the same, you’ll either live like a king anywhere but San Francisco or starve in San Francisco (or spend an hour and a half on BART getting to and from work).

eta: And I see that everybody hates Florida. Go figure.

I have to say, I was not learning towards Tampa or San Francisco. Mainly because it would be interesting to live outside of North America, but I listed them just in case somebody would make a compelling case.

My top three is definitely Trier, Zurich and Auckland. Sadly, the Auckland job is the one I’m least likely to get, but it still might happen so I included it.

I really like Trier as a city. It is so small, and I don’t like big cities.

Zurich is also only about 300K people so certainly not big and it looks beautiful.

I’m not as happy with Auckland as the other two cities (1.5M people) as a place to live; however, New Zealand as a whole just looks amazing. The climate in particular seems perfect for my tastes.

Europe also has an advantage of ease of travel to lots of different countries, where as New Zealand is more isolated.

The compelling case for any STEM career right now is to get the frack out of the US if you get the chance. It absolutely kills me to say that, but it’s true. :frowning:

Even if your funding isn’t government dependent, the capricious nature of current government science budgets will cause a wave of chaos in the job market and a lowering of “going rate” for salaries as experienced people struggle to find coverage.

Assuming that you’re single, youngish, and you’re not going to spend the rest of your life there, I’d lean towards NZ or Australia simply because it’ll be hard to get to once you get older and have a family or other responsibilities (unless you have a family down there of course). I really have no idea how easy or hard it to transfer around in whatever field you’re in though.

Every day! Admittedly, I have never had the cake, I was kept busy working on a non-toxic neurotoxin.
ETA: I’ve been to Florida, there’s a reason everyone hates it.

My children are adults. Moving around as a researcher is generally not too hard. Granted I’m still pretty new at this, but from what everybody tells me and my limited experience so far is that moving around as a researcher is not too hard.

Cake every day! Sign me up! I sure hope the cake isn’t a lie, that would be disappointing.

Especially Tampa. I voted all of them except Florida.

Well, I voted for Tampa(and Brisbane) because of the weather. The rest of them are way too chilly for me.

I threw a vote for Brisbane. It’s a beautiful city, with gorgeous subtropical weather.