Where some older threads not brought over?

I spent about 10 minutes looking for my old Middle Earth Game threads. I searched on FA63, Gilraen, Middle-Earth, Middle Earth, Thoroncir, Theogrim etc and only got 2 of the thread plus a mention of it in a Cafe thread years later.

I’m hoping they’re just not index yet.

I used the SDMB search engine, not google.

Looks like an Indexing issue maybe for the search.
I found this via an old link: Middle Earth FA63 D&D Game, the Second Adventure, Scouting Ered Lithui.

So the threads are there.

For what it’s worth, I’m finding the same thing (although in my case I haven’t actually succeeded in tracking down the older posts yet).

I’ve found old threads both with the board search and by googling, but had “Oops, that page doesn’t exist or is private” messages when following the links. But I’m not worried, I think that’s one of the many temporary glitches that hopefully will be fixed in the future.