Where TF is my wallet?

I did though. They (say they) didn’t have it the next day but they did 6 days later.

Well, duh—it takes a few days to spend $300.

(Edit: I’m glad you got the wallet back.)

Yeah I did not mean to imply you did not. Just it seems it may need to be done multiple times.

I’d still check on your credit report and lock things down if not already. And check any activity on your bank cards. The wallet was out of your possession for 6 days.

Good point here. Plenty of time for unauthorized card use or for copying info to sell for counterfeit cards.

I checked my cards - no usage and they have all been cancelled.

Dodged a bullet there. Sorry about the missing cash.

7 years, 360 days ahead of schedule. That beats needscoffee by a comfortable margin.

Yay! I know I feel better for you.

So glad your drama is over.

Hopefully, mine will be, too. I actually dreamed of that wallet the other night (but it was not psychic; I dreamt I found it up on top of a concrete wall in a basement).

Well, that’s a sort-of happy ending. I do not understand why somebody would just stick a wallet in the back room. Look inside, call the bank, who will call the customer. I mean.

When I left my pouch at a brewery, when I stopped back they told me they specifically do not open/look inside purses or wallets.

I worked at a bar, ages ago. The cleaner on duty brought me a lady’s handbag that he found in the toilet from the night before.

I felt no compunction in using the cellphone I found in it to dial the first person on the contact list so they (assuming they knew the woman) could let her know.

It worked. She came in about 3 hours later.

Similarly, I found a bank card in the street. I phoned the bank, and told them I had found it. They called the owner (obviously privacy issues, they wont give me his details wothout his consent) and put me in touch so I could hand it over.

When I worked in a bank call center that handled prepaid debit cards, if someone called with a found card, our process was to immediately cancel that card, document the call on the cardholder’s account, and request that the caller destroy the now-cancelled card (with thanks to the caller for letting us know). No information whatsoever about the cardholder was given to the caller (massive account security violation). We’d simply issue a new card when the rightful owner called in reporting it lost.

I don’t understand people who don’t have their phones automatically locked after a minute of using them the last time. My phone has so many personal data on it, it would be catastrofic if I lost it! On my welcome screen, the one that appears prompting you to enter your code, I have a message with my wife’s phone and a note that we will reward generously whoever calls that number, and on her phone the same message appears with my number. Never had to use either, but I guess now I have hereby jinxed it, still I thought sharing this idea was worth it.

That sounds like a very good idea. How do you put that message up? (We use iPhones)

I used to use an app for that, now now it appears to be a standard Android feature.

I have no doubt that there is an iPhone app… and there is.

Pray to St. Anthony…patron saint of lost items.

I’m not Catholic so he wouldn’t listen.

I’m not either, and he’s helped me out a few times. Seems like a nice guy.

Why would you put up a message with Pardel-Lux’s wife’s number?


But, seriously, folks, is there an app/method for an older iPhone (iOS 13)?