Where the fuck can I get some Super Bowl analysis? (A joint pitting + IMHO)

I’m sick and tired of learning about some back up defensive end’s dieing grandmother. Or what celebrity just walked down the red carpet. THE FUCKING SUPER BOWL HAS A RED FUCKING CARPET NOW?!?!!? :mad:

I want to watch FOOTBALL! Where the fuck can I find some decent discussion on how the NY Giants are going to get pressure on Tom Brady without putting single coverage on Randy Moss? How the coaching staff is going to call plays in the beginning to allow Eli to get his wits about him?!?!?

No seriously, where do I tune in? I’ve only got basic cable so no NFL Network. :confused:

Even the analysis is pretty insipid, if you ask me. “The Giants will have to avoid falling behind by 28 points in the first quarter if they want to win this football game. They will have to score some points and stop the Patriots from scoring. Oh, and Eli Manning has to not play like shit.”

Thanks! Never would have understood the game without that inside-game viewpoint.

This is my favorite: When you get inside the red zone, you need touchdowns, not field goals.

I’ll bet a lightbulb went off inside of Bellicheck’s and Coughlin’s respective heads when they heard that one.

“Touchdowns, eh?” they both said in unison with an evil laugh, "I knew there was something mathematical to that whole 3 points vs. 7 points thing. “Guys we need to get the ball past that line without more little lines ahead of it!”

And they just said it! “The Giants don’t want to start trading field goals for touchdowns!” LOLOL

Can anyone tell me when the Pro Bowl is taking place? I wasn’t paying attention during the 72 promos for the game that ran during the Super Bowl telecast.

Here’s my analysis: holy fuck what a game.

I think they ran one promo for each person who actually tunes in to the Pro Bowl.

Here’s my analysis: holy fuck what a last 1/16 of the game. Holy fuck what a snoozefest up until then.

Those last few minutes were worth it, though.

The whole fourth quarter was pretty good. The last 3 drives were fantastic back and forth. That escape by Manning and catch by Tyree will become Super Bowl legends.

When the Pats went for it on 4th and 13, instead of punting or attempting a 48 yard FG (within their kicker’s ‘best’ range) I wanted someone to tell me what THE FUCK THEY WERE THINKING!!!

Snoozefest? I don’t know about you, but I love defensive stalemates, and the Giants D put on one of the best performances I’ve ever seen.

“Tom, I want you to throw a pass here.”
“But Coach, it’s fourth and long, and we’re in field goal range!”
“I fucking hate the Gatorade shower. Throw a pass”

That’s very true. That defensive performance is certainly one for the ages. But I’ve found that I’ve become less and less interested in watching defense over the last couple of years. I can’t help it.

It’s an American thing. In both American football and wrestling, you can score on defense (interceptions, reversal/escapes). In soccer, rugby, and international style wrestling, you can’t. Americans want fast paced scoring, so the rules have been adapted to excite the fans.


Fucking A, man that was a fantastic game. Most exciting superbowl I’ve seen for a long, long time.

Well, it’s just a matter of semantics, really. In soccer and rugby (and hockey and basketball, etc), if you have the ball (or puck) the labels of who is on offense and defense automatically swap, thus making it impossible for the defense to score because the defense is, by definition, whoever does NOT have the ball (or puck). Unless the goalie is considered to be “always defense” in which case that argument falls down for those games with a goalie.

My favorite quote of the night came from Troy Aikman near the end of the first half. Paraphrased, because I can’t recall the exact wording: They really don’t want to let the other team score just before going into the locker room. A score at the end of the half can really affect the momentum of the game – especially the first half.

Especially? Yeah, because the end of the game is really a momentum killer, you know.

Except, of course, in baseball.

Which is why you’ll see I didn’t mention it. Yet a different type of game as far as offense/defense labeling and ability to score is concerned.