Where the heck is Gazoo?

This football season isn’t going to be the same without his predictions. They were one of the highlights of the week for me. And on top of that he’s an OK cat. I see he hasn’t posted in over 6 weeks. :frowning:

Anyone know where he ran off to?

I’m wondering the same thing. Where else am I going to rag on Giants/Redskins/Cowboys fans? :frowning:

If he doesn’t come back, I’ll have to offer my predictions.

And you Giants/Redskins/Cowboys haters won’t like them!

Yeah. I love that guy!

Just out of curiousity, how can you like the Giants/Redskins/Cowbows simultaneously?

I can sort of understand someone who might like two of the three, but not all three.

Easy! Just hate the Eagles!

Well, on second thought, even I can’t pretend like I am a cowboy fan, even in jest.


Well, it takes dedication, hard work, patience, and…

Oh, for Christ’s sake! I can’t fake it any more. I want New York to be bombed by an Iraqi nuke on a boat after that 41-0 drubbing last January. Kill 'em all.

(Well, except for the cool NYC dopers. Give them about an hour warning so they can flee the city first.)

I hope Gazoo’s just hibernating during the off season…it’s not going to be the same without his predications, even if my beloved Bears suck this season…


First, thanks mouthbreather for the e-mail or I wouldn’t even have known I was missed.

I haven’t been to the board much just because of the addictive nature of it. I was spending far too much time here. It wasn’t so bad when I was killing time at work, but then I was killing another 3-4 hours per night at home while it was nice and sunny outside.

In the meantime, most of my on-line time was spent on, you guessed it - football. I was even asked to write a weekly prediction column for a fantasy football website.

Since I’m already doing the predictions (and some fantasy based commentary), it shouldn’t be too much to add more snide and (hopefully) witty comments like I did here last year. I’ll try to work on it tonight. Right now, I have 13 minutes left in my lunchbreak and need a smoke.

And to everyone - again, wow. I can’t believe my little football threads were so well liked. (“I guess this means you them, you really, really, like them.”)

I was just gonna do this milk carton. Great that you’re back Gazoo

Glad to see you around again Gazoo! It just hasn’t seemed like the start of football season without your weekly thread. I was wondering what had happened to you (and to Sledman too, now that I think about it). I thought maybe Stevens Point had vanished from the internet.

Man! I thought this was about the flintstones. DANG!

I thought somebody was looking for me.

Well, it’s a good thing the real Gazoo showed up, because my predictions for football would have been as a dick on your forearm.

“Did you hurt your arm? You keep rubbing it.”


Yay, Gazoo!

You gonna tell us the website you’re contributing to? It’ll be some added traffic anyways.