where the hell is the battery in my car?

Despite my best efforts to assist a coworker who needed a jump, I couldnt find the battery in my car…

I have a 1991 Toyota MR2…

its not in the following locations (unless its hidden pretty well)

in the back with the motor
up front with the fluids and spare tire
behind either of the seats.

any ideas?

Hey! Fellow MR2 person checking in. I’ve owned two of 'em. Damn cool cars.

On both of mine they were in the engine compartment right behind the passenger space. It’s a small ass battery but it’s there.

If I remember right, I don’t own one now but am actively looking again, it was on the passenger side of the compartment. Up front and gimmied in the corner.

It’s there, trust me.

In my Fiero the battery is in the back with the engine, under a cover that screws off. MR2s might be similar.

um, I must have looked right over the top of it…

In my old 86 MR2 it was on the driver side, clear as day.

now its time to see exactly where that supercharger will fit…

Uhhh…I thougt the engine is in the front of the car.

not in the MR2, its in the back just over the rear wheels

Owners’ manuals. Gotta love 'em.

Drivers side. Yep. That’s what I remembered (I drank alot back then).

Fiero? Phhttttttt.

Just re-read the entire post.

Your looking to add a supercharger?

Good move. I think… I don’t know much about after market add-on’s.

What I do know is that without a supercharger the MR is pretty lame off the line. You’ll kill them on cornering, but not a straight out race.

It’s the one add-on I wished I’d researched better before I bought mine.

Interestingly, to me anyway, without a supercharged version, the insurance was similar to Camry’s and the Maxima- the insurance companies go off engine size.

I’ve got the owners manuals, but I am at work and they are at home. I found myself really annoyed by this (I absolutely love my car) so I wanted the answer before I get home.

I got the 2.2 NA, so it is a little lame off the line, but It corners like a dream. From what I understand there are a few aftermarket superchargers available for the 91NA. I’m going to try and and the supercharger and replace the intake and exhaust all at once. The fin has faded, which I understand is a large problem on the MKII, so I need to get that repainted as well. My T-tops leak when exposed to a large amount of moisture, so the weather striping needs to be replaced as well, but I’ll get to that later sense its not too bad yet. I’m hoping to get the HP over the 200 that the stock turbo on the 2.0 gets. To turnkey out the stock 2.2 to the 2.0 also required a transmission change, so thats out of the question…

I’m jealous kinoons. I really miss mine. I had alot of fun with that car.

I don’t know what it is, but you have to have one to really appreciate it.

And to the others reading this thinking ‘Hahhh? What’s this? You crazy.’

Yeah, yeah, it’s not a porsche or a lotus or anything like that, it’s just a car that they happened to do right.

'88 Supercharged owner checking in…

I can’t speak for the MKII(1991-1995 in US), but the MKI(1985-1989 in US) will beat almost every 2 wheel drive car off of the line. Because all the weight is in the back, over the drive wheels, you can dump the clutch at a very high engine speed. I can dump mine at 6000rpm or so with minimal wheelpsin.

The MKII NA is pretty gutless. You’d probably be best off either buying the turbocharged engine or getting an aftermarket turbocharger.

According to http://www.mr2.com, the MKI was based off a Lotus design. I can’t speak for the MKII, but the MKI is just about perfect. Sporty looks, great handling, an engine that loves to rev, decent gas mileage, and excellent build quality.

http://board.mr2pages.com/ is a great board for any MR2 questions you might have.

I orgionally had a 86 – the two cars are markedly different , but are both amazing to drive. The 91 feels more solid, more like a sports car, the 86 feels like a gocark, I loved it. But yes, ths 91 is missing the kick in the pants…It needs nother 100 hp or so

Well I’ll be damned lawmill. When I was writing that thread I just threw in two mid-engine makes so I could narrow down the field.

I had no clue about the lotus connection. All the more reason I like that car.

I’ll be honest here, I’m a big fan and all, but I’m not a diehard. I had no clue what the MKI-MKII distinction was referring to. I thought it might be referring to the engine size and whatnot- I knew they had tinkered around with that. Instead, I learn you’re talking about the model changes the MR2 went through. Three to date, I believe.

Both of mine were MKI’s. I was, and still am, struck with the design. Besides, I worked with a guy who had the MKII and he had nothing but problems with it.

When they came out with the third design, I completely lost interest in it. I’m a MKI fan at heart.

I’m finding that my fascination with that car is going to be costly. In Minnesota, the cars didn’t last long. Mine, and others that I’ve been looking at, were notoriously bad with rust- especially in the back end. Ironically enough, they were great on snow, however. Damn thing went through everything I could toss at it. People would literally do a double take when I came cruising down a snow-covered road without a care in the world.

Oh well, I’ll still get one. And when I do, I’ll be poking around that cite you mentioned- Thanks.

I loved my MKI, an 86. It didnt give me one hint of trouble. Only issue I ever had with it was a failed sparkplug wire.

My MKII is wonderful as well. It is a bit more expensive for standard matiaence, and its all piled up in the last month or so. (tires, clutch, shocks, belts and such)

I would love to have another MKI again, and even one of the spyders. I am deffinately hooked on the MR2. I cant think of anything better than to walk to the garage in the morning and think “what MR2 do I want to drive today?”

The MKIII(spyder) is an amazing car. The normally aspirated version is almost as fast as my SC and handles way better. If I had $20k lying around and a Supra TT in the driveway, I’d buy a Spyder in an instant.

A decent MKI can be found for under $2000us. If you can justify owning several 2 seater cars, go for it. There isn’t another car on the road that offers the same kind of fun for such a low price.

If you’re unsure about the MKI, MKII, and MKIII designations:

MKI-boxy, small, feels like a go-kart
(85-89)4AGE engine-1.6L NA-112-115hp
(88-89)4AGEZ engine-1.6L SC-150hp

MKII-rounded, looks sort of like a budget Ferrari F-50, handles more like a GT style car

(91-95)?3GTE? engine-2.2L NA-~140hp
(91-95)?3GTEZ? engine-2.0L TC-~200hp

MKIII-convertible, looks a lot like a Porsche Boxster

(2000-?)??? engine-?.?L NA-~140hp

OOOO.K. then.

I guess I was wrong about the MKIII as well.

I had thought the latest version wasn’t all that great. I don’t know why I thought that. Maybe I liked the first version so much that anything that came after it had to look like the first to be good. I don’t know.

I will, based on your observations, not be as quick to dismiss the MKIII. When I get the chance to spend some serious money on a car, I’ll definitely take a look at the spyder.
In the meantime, I’ll just be jealous of you two.

I was very shy to move from my MKI to my MKII – until I took my MKII for a testdrive – I was hooked. Now, the more I drive my MKII, the more I miss my MKI. Dont get me wrong, I love my MKII, and I’ll never let it go, But I actually miss my MKI…

Who would have ever thought I’d want my old MR2 back…