Where to buy boxers in Germany

I can’t believe I’m asking this on the Dope, but if anyone knows, it’s you guys…

Does anyone know where to buy non-fitted boxer shorts in Germany? I need some stretch (like T-shirt cotton), so the tight-weave cotton doesn’t work for me, and I also don’t like the fitted type (boxer briefs).

Any ideas?


So you want something like a Calvin Klein knit boxer? Look for a store that carries Calvin Klein men’s undies. No idea who that would be in Germany, sorry, but “large department store” would probably be it.

If you don’t want to pay $20 a pair, and want to shop for something similar but cheaper, what you’re looking for, when talking to sales clerks, would be “knit boxers”. No idea what that is in German, sorry.

Large department store would be my guess, too (a specialized clothing department store would have a bit more of a selection.)

The usual term is Boxershorts (Boxer would be taken to mean a pugilist or a dog by most Germans) but usually what’s on offer is more on the form-fitting end.

You’ll need to know your German underwear size - the usual scale is numeric where real skinny is about a 5 and obese-but-mobile a 9.

Thanks for the replies. I’ve got the German down, I was just trying to figure out what brands available here might have what I’m looking for. I couldn’t seem to find anything at the usual department stores…

der Quelle outlets. I know they had boxers available, along with everything else on the planet except WMDs and Latvian-Cherokee dictionaries, in their catalogs about 20 years ago.

If you don’t want to go to a German department store, do you know anybody who would buy you what you need at an an American PX?

Try this: http://www.macadi.com/ It’s a German online shop that carries the kind of undies you describe and the website lets you read the product descriptions in English as well as German. If you don’t see merchandise you like, do a web search for Unterhosen or Unterwäsche.

If none of the above work, I’m coming to Germany from the States in May and I’d be willing to carry over a few pairs of your favorite American brand and mail them to you from within Germany. Send me a private message.

Ah, good call on Quelle and Macadi. I’ll check them out tonight.

What type of underwear do German men wear?

I wear this type:

Easy to find everywhere in Germany.