Where to buy bras online?

My wife has been struggling to find good bras pretty much as long as I’ve known her. She’s been properly sized several times, and I think she averages out to be a 34F or somethign. (I don’t claim to know a whole lot about bras, so bear with me if I sound like a moron). The problem is that knowing your size seems to be the first battle in a grueling war; the rest is actually finding a bra that’s well made and comfortable (and to some extent, attractive). Since she can hardly find any 34Fs in local stores, yet alone ones that she likes, she has a drawer full of 36 and 38 Ds that she squeezes herself into.

So that’s the problem description. We’ve found places to buy bras online of course, but it gets expensive playing trial and error buying from random websites. Since she doesn’t feel comfortable talking to other women about this, I figured I’d ask the anonymous millions – Where’s a good place to buy an unusual bra size online?

I’ve had good experiences with Freshpair.com. In particular, I really like this Dream Tisha bra by Le Mystere.

Yeah, it’s $68. But it’s a really great bra.

38 or 40…oh, who knows. In Dream Tisha, I get a G, but could do with a cup or two larger. In some styles, I measure up to an I.

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Well, once she finds a style she likes, she can get the style number from the tag and try to find it on ebay for below-retail. I did a quick search, they have WhyNot’s rec in 36F.

But it doesn’t sound like she’s found the style she likes yet, so I’m probably not much help. Are you near any major cities? There are definitely brick-and-mortar lingerie shops out there that stock the beyond-D-cup sizes, its just a question if you can get to one. I see Le Mystere has a “store locater” on their website, might be a starting point?

There’s a company (http://ladygrace.com/Default.asp?bhcd2=1195006722) that offers sizes 32-58, AA-L, and they’re reputable, from what I’ve been told. Medium-to-high priced, but good quality.

Decent Exposures will exchange bras until you (or, rather, your wife!) gets the right fit. They will also customize bras - longer straps, different fabrics, etc. and they make pretty much any size anyone might want. They’re pricey, and they honesty don’t support the way a more traditional bra does. On the other hand, they’re insanely comfortable. I lived in them 24/7 for about 5 years while pregnant and nursing, and during the daytime for some years after that.

They make other things as well (I wear their nightshirts exclusively and their shorts are great for exercising).

I adore doing business with http://www.herroom.com/. The goods arrive at light-speed, their prices aren’t cripplingly high, they have a generous return policy, and they just have so much stuff. And yeah, they have size 34F bras.