Where to get uncensored news?

Anyone know of a news website where the stories are uncensored and unedited, including photos, quotes, etc? I’m talking about legitimate news websites, not sites specifically dedicated to gore. (I already know they exist). I’ve grown weary of the TV media & popular news websites showing us what THEY THINK we should see or hear (for instance, playing recordings of 911 calls which are ridiculously “bleeped” for bad language, photos that have little black boxes or blur spots placed over them partially to block “graphic content”, etc). I want to see what happens and how it happened.

I hope someone is understanding the gist of my question!
Thanks to all.

There is no such thing.

News is what some journalist decides to publish that day. Uncensored news is a contradictio in terminis.

If you tell us who you don’t want to censor your news we can point you to news outlets that have been cencored by people you agree with.

Bookmark one US news site you reasonably trust, BBCnews, Al-Jazeera and any English-language parallel site of any European country that’s not the UK. All four will have different approaches to the news and a good image of ground truth can often be found between them.

Turn off the TV. TV news hasn’t been anything but an ad hook for decades.

You can try a news aggregation site, such as:

You can personalize it somewhat:

Has links to over 12000 newspapers worldwide, sorted by country, and language.
Naturally the quality of the papers varies, but the site is pretty useful when something happens in say, Namibia. To get to a paper, click thru the map page.

If you want uncensored videos as soon as you come across a topic of interest you might check Youtube for videos of interest.

As I read it, the OP wants the regular news, just with the burned, dead, and dismembered bodies unedited, as opposed to the gore sites that go out of their way to show guts, even if it was never news or is ten years old.

I could be wrong, but that’s the way it reads to me.

My thanks to the three of you that provided appropriate and helpful replies. I’ll check them out!

Reuters can be pretty good

They generally stick to just the facts without any editorial, and being they sell news their is no value in trying to censor (Though I can not speak for their video content)

Thanks, MG - I’ll check out that site also.

The BBC news that I’ve watched seems to be much less sanitized than US network news.

It’s less a matter of sanitized than that the BBC has not wholly remodeled itself as an advertising vehicle, which US TV news did a couple of decades ago. Soft, family-friendly news that doesn’t rile anyone up has bigger retention and ad revenue. (And yes, I am including Fox in that category. Riling people up with pointless BS doesn’t drive them away the way showing an unvarnished view of US actions and policy results does.)

The BBC has two advantages: It doesn’t have any advertisers to pander to, and for N. Americans, it gives an outsiders, reasonably disinterested, view of what’s going on over there in a language you can understand.

And if you want some deep stuff on 9/11. visit ; www.ae911truth.org/ or rethink911.org/

the website does have ads for those outside of the UK.

BBC and al-Jazeera both make TV news, so your post is rather contradictory.

Almost forgot this: The BBC has to pander to the British government, because that’s where its funding comes from. Saying it’s independent is contrary to the facts, and is, in fact, precisely what a state organ would claim.

Uhhh…no. Not a place to go to for open-mindedness or to hear all sides of the story.

Stop posting stuff about 9/11 so much. So far most of all of your posts have been about that. The rule here is you’re not allowed to spam or to use these message boards to further your own cause.

For unmoderated “News” from all kinds of sources join NewsWatcher. a.k.a. News Groups. , UseNet.
Regular people posting sites and sources of “Thinking Outside the Box”
There is even a “Conspiracy” News group.
Some wild stuff, the government doesn’t want you to know. Would the gummint lie to ya?
Remember, they tried to sell you WMD in Iraq. Look how that turned out.
If it wasn’t for the Internet. We wouldn’t know “The Rest of the Story”