Where to post my short story?

The death of the great Michael Crichton has motivated me to write a short story. What is the best website for posting something like this? thanks

I suppose it depends on what you mean by “post” the story. If you just want it so anyone can see it, you can put it on a blog, a free website, email, whatever that you yourself set up. Alternatively, you can send it to a site that publishes stories. There’s a fairly wide range of websites covering different genres, pay rates, levels of competitiveness and acceptance, etc. I tend to use Duotrope, which compiles user-submitted statistics, to choose places to submit my short stories. It has pay rates, typical response times, acceptance percentages, etc.

Best of luck!

Why not submit it to a magazine and get paid for it as well?

You can do both-- I’m not familiar with the ins and outs, but http://www.triond.com/ apparently pays for page views and such.