"Where We Treat You Like Family!"

This is the tagline/slogan on a new billboard in my city.

The business in question is “Allison’s Bail Bonds.”

I shudder to think what Allison’s family must be like!

Any other signs you’ve seen lately with similar messages? or implications?
I promise to treat you like family if you post one.

There’s a local pizza chain, Mark’s Pizzeria, that uses “We’ll treat you like family” as their slogan.

Not lately, but when I was in college, the campus book store’s slogan was “We’re only human”.
I knew the manager, who was really proud of having come up with this and was under the impression that it made students feel like they were family.

“The Manson Family, to be precise.”

Local car dealer conglomerate. People on the stupid TV ads say they go there just to hang around. Sure. :rolleyes:

There’s a car dealership in my area whose slogan is “…Like having a dealer in the family!” :dubious:

Every time I see their slogan, I think back to when I very nearly did have a dealer in the family. (Actually, he and his wife were close personal friends of my father and stepmother.) My family bought dozens of vehicles from them over the years.

When I graduated from college, I was encouraged to buy a vehicle from them as well, and told that I would get a great deal. I quickly realized that when dealing with a car dealer who is family or a close personal friend, you lose all negotiating power. I got an OK, but not great deal. I got stuck with all of the B.S. charges that dealers like to tack on. I was pressured to take a vehicle off the lot that wasn’t exactly what I wanted. I paid for pinstriping and rust-proofing. :smack: I was pressured to accept dealer financing (and was then counseled by my stepmother to make sure we didn’t miss any payments, because this would reflect badly on them :rolleyes:). (I was so annoyed by this counseling session that I immediately refinanced with my credit union once I got home.)

I quickly realized that this dealer made all of his money not by giving family and friends great deals, but by taking advantage of everyone he knew, and exploiting his relationships with them. However, even realizing this, I felt that I couldn’t get out of the deal without causing problems.

Anyway, this was the one and only vehicle I bought from this family friend. I would never want to have a “dealer in the family.” I’d rather buy from a dealer who I’m not beholden to, and from a dealership I can walk away from without causing trouble in the family.

Hmmm… the slogan didn’t make me think of having a car dealer in the family*. So the implication wasn’t ‘wow i can get a good deal’ but more ‘do we call the cops or not?’.

  • despite personally having had a care salesman in the family, and none of the call-the-cops kind of dealer as far as I know.

Restaurants that advertise their food as “just like homemade!” I don’t want homemade, if I wanted homemade I would stay at home! I hate homemade, that’s why I went out to eat!

In San Jose the Metro weekly newspaper did a article where a guy called several business that said “we treat you like family” and asked for a favor. Strangely a couple of them actually did the favor. They were almost all kinda puzzled however.

The Family frowns on people who call the cops on the family.

First thing I thought of reading this topic is those families where everyone is screaming at each other most of the time, and “I hope you don’t treat me like family, I expect much better than that”.

Also, about Robert Frost: I’m guessing being treated like family would really have to include that their place is home, under Frost’s explanation “Home is where, when you have to go there, they have to let you in”. They may be getting more than they bargained for.

They’re clearly followers of the Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #111: Treat people in your debt like family… exploit them.

I’ve see a couple of minibuses in my local area, which provide transport for people with mobility issues (wheelchairs and the like) - their slogan, plastered across each vehicle, is “Helping you to get a life!”, which seems rather insulting.

Don’s Guns in Indianapolis had TV ads featuring Don Himself saying, “I don’t want to make money, folks. I just lo-o-o-ove to sell guns!” Then he’d laugh, maybe to show he didn’t believe it, either.

Usually from a home where all they eat are hot dogs and under-cooked eggs.

Not really a slogan but a current tv ad running for McDonalds. It’s a red screen with a yellow line being drawn to look like an EKG. The yellow line repeatedly makes continuous golden arches but instead of “beep” a voice says “burger”.
The rate slowly increases “burger…burger…burger…burger.burgerburgerburger” then eventually flatlines.
The only message I get out of it is eating too many burgers at McDonalds will increase your blood pressure eventually leading to death.

I have a cousin who used to work as a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company. Her mother was very proud of her, although she did get a little tired of being asked, “Is your daughter still selling drugs?”

There was a local car dealership that ran radio ads for years that ended with “Come on down, We’ll treat you like family. Maybe better!”

That one at least they were thinking. It’s pretty funny. I might even go there, if I had money… Maybe I can ask my family for some money… :smiley:

  1. I don’t go anywhere that claims they will, ‘Treat me like family!’ I don’t like being threatened.

  2. Bar down the road has a sign boasting of, “Warm Beer, Cold Women, and lousy food.”