Where would you be posting from if they'd kept the original name?

I’m posting from Duwamps, biggest city in the state of Washington.


The capital of Alabama - Ikanatchati

Why, Ellan Vannin of course. The city of Doolish. (Douglas)

Cowford is just to the north (Jacksonville) - I think Orange Park has always been Orange Park.

Laurieville. I know that will come as a shock to many people who view my “location” tag.

Just outside Pig’s Eye, Minnesota.

Slocum Hollow, Pennsylvania.

Like many Doper hombres y chicas, I am posting from El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula (The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of Porciuncula). That’s in the northern part of Mexico, of course.

Pacific City, California.

Well, in 1650, it was an Indian camp referred to as “Eydlughet” or “Ikluat”. At various points it was also call ‘Ship Creek’, and when it came time to settle on a name, the residents wanted “Alaska City”. But the damn gubmint insisted on Anchorage.

Glasgow, or Glaschu, I suppose. I do think “Duwamps” is a cute name though.

Named San Miguel by a Spanish guy, then renamed San Diego de Alcala by a different Spanish guy.

Actually, the San Dieguito and various other Indians had first crack at it, but I couldn’t find out what they called it. Probably “Here.”

Losantiville, OH (or some might even say porkopolis, it’s original nickname).

Mansfield, Vermont

It might’ve been Harrisburg, if Santa Ana hadn’t burned it to the ground, allowing the Allen brothers little settlement upstream to prevail.

I’d be posting from


Ville-Marie, or if you go back farther in time, Hochelaga

I was going to say Londinium, but technically I live in the North Wood (which, perversely, is in south Londinium).

**Lutetia **, here

The Anglo-Saxon settlement of Woden Brugge