Where would you live?

So, application season is here once again. I’m in the process of applying for a new program, and could pretty much go anywhere.

So, dopers, if you could live anywhere in the continental US, where would you live and why?


  1. It has to be a city, and a fairly large one. Think Milwaukee on up. No offense to rural people, but there simply aren’t programs in my field elsewhere. There are no programs in the entire state of Montana, Wyoming or Idaho. It’s a bummer.

  2. It can’t be California. Yes, yes, I know California is wonderful and your produce is both tasty and affordable. But I’m not moving to California. It’s just not happening.

  3. And it can’t be NYC. I don’t earn nearly enough money to live comfortably in NYC, so I’m not even going to go there.

Everywhere else is fair game!

Kansas City, KS area.

It’s actually pretty nice there.

Or Tulsa?
uhhhh… Omaha?

  1. San Franci… Never Mind
  2. New Yo… Never Mind
  3. Madison, WI
  4. Seattle, WA
  5. Portland, OR

That’s my order, 1-5


My brother seems to really like Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Well, population may be a bit under what you wanted, sorry about that.

I’m also pretty partial to Seattle and Portland. Excluding California, I can’t really think of anywhere else I’d want to move right now.

The list of places in the U.S. I’d like to spend a few years living in some day reads something like (no particular order):

  • Boston
  • Seattle
  • D.C.
  • NY-never-mind-C
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul

(The top four are the big ones I’d hate to miss out on, though. Before Minny, I’d probably put London, Vancouver, Toronto, and Tokyo. YMMV.)

Kansas City (both KS and MO) are nice. I went to college near there, and I had a great time in KC.

I grew up in St. Louis, which is also a nice city (despite what you may have heard). Of course, my affection for St. Louis is due partly to family and so on, but it’s a good-sized city with some fine cultural outlets and fun neighborhoods. Cost of living is about the national average. Sprawl is pretty bad there, but if you live in the central area (inside the city or one of the near suburbs like University City, Clayton, etc.), you can do a lot of things very conveniently. If I had to pick one city, this would be it, but again it’s for family reasons more than any inherent quality of the city itself.

I currently live in Cincinnati, which I also like quite a bit. The city is nice, with some quaint and interesting neighborhoods, and some very, very pretty rural areas just outside town. Driving along the curve of the Ohio River always makes me smile.

incidental: can I ask – what is your program/area?

Just out of curiosity…what is your aversion to California?

Also, I think it would help to know what your lifestyle is. Hate the heat? Would you crawl up into a ball if you lived somewhere it rained for months straight? Are you outdoorsy? Big on nightlife? How old are you?

Chicago, Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia… Those are some cities I’d want to live in.

Oh, durr, I forgot about St. Louis. A great city to live in, if you can stand the crazy baseball fans. :smiley:

Colorado! Great weather, beautiful scenery, nice atmosphere.

Denver. Great weather (four seasons, yet sunny, with gentle winters save for the occasional early blizzard), clean, relatively low crime rate, no slums, young population with transplants from around the country, politically progressive and tolerant for the most part, decent city planning, good public transportation, easy on the eyes, plenty of year-round outdoors recreation opportunities, low property taxes, low utility costs, and housing that is becoming more affordable thanks to rising salaries and falling home prices.

I lived there several years ago, and I’d return in a heartbeart if I could find a job there.

Runner-up: Portland. Like Denver, except with weather that isn’t quite as nice.

While Madison’s a great place, it’s only a fraction of the size of Milwaukee. OTOH, it’s a major academic center, so there’s a much better chance of finding finding obcure specialist-type jobs here than many other cities of the same size.

What’s your field?

So, you have to walk to work? I live in a rural setting, yet I can be in Pittsburgh in 45 - 60 minutes. That said, I would pick a rural setting in South Carolina that was close enough to a major city to qualify.

How about Phoenix? Very affordable and great weather. Arizona State is a major university here.

My first choice would be New Mexico. My sister used to live in Las Cruces, and I fell in love with the area when I visited. I have no idea if any city is big enough for the OP, though.

Phoenix has great weather??? Are you INSANE??? Tucson is like hell 8 months out of the year, and Phoenix is one of the only places on the planet that is hotter.

I hear almost nothing but good things about Austin, TX. My brother lives near there and loves it.

Believe it or not, Las Vegas is quite nice (or Henderson, an attached suburb of sorts). Once you are away from the Strip, lots of nice shops, restaurants, movie theaters, great weather (granted, a tad warm in the summer but that is why god created air conditioning), almost always sunny, close to all kinds of state and national parks and still fairly affordable - especially when compared to LA or NYC or even Chicago.

And of course, you do have the Strip when you just want to go see a show or concert or people watch or hit a five star restaurant or something.

We moved here 10 years ago and love it.

Reverse the order of those and you have my recos.