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“Churches, Meetings and Times” has been moved to General Questions.
“MASTER List(Newbies Only)” has been moved to MPSIMS.

Not that it makes much difference, I guess, but why didn’t you send it to ATMB, where the other “Master List” is?

And why wouldn’t it fit here again?
(I can’t seem to tell how this and the other boards differ, and I’ve been reading all the announcemments in various places and menus. None of it seems obvious.) :slight_smile:

I’m with Oat Willie–I don’t really get the distinction between IMHO and MPSIMS, other than polls belonging in IMHO. Could slythe or someone come up with some examples? I’d prefer not to have to make somebody go to the trouble of moving threads I start if I screw up and put them in the wrong place.


Questions, such as “Which beer is better” or “Who has the worst dial-up service”, belong in IMHO.
Lists, which do not require any opinions, go elsewhere, as do stories about how your cat saved the lives of everyone in your entire home town.
There are exceptions, of course. ALL threads about chocolate are welcome, as are threads praising the hard work of certain moderators. :slight_smile:

Thanks, slythe. Now that you’ve pointed it out, I feel awful damn stupid for not having figured it out before–IMHO is for opinions as opposed to other bits and pieces. As an excuse for this, I plead incipient mid-life crisis–I plan to have a big one when I hit 40 in a few years.

Also, I’m kinda partial to chocolate/peanutbutter meltaways. I’ll send you some as a reward for your hard work as a mod…no, on second thought, I’ll just eat some in your honor. Don’t thank me–you’ve earned it.

Praise slythe (Now do I still need to bring chocolate? I don’t keep it around, it makes me break out. How about Jelly Bellies? Good enough for President Reagan.)

Jelly Bellies, no.
Jelly Babies, yes!

OpalCat’s “Vote for me for Prom Queen” thread has been moved to MPSIMS, because it doesn’t involve forming an opinion on a subject.
BTW OpalCat, you’ve got my vote! :slight_smile:

But… but…

TubaDiva said, in http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=25554

“It’s also a place where people can have polls, run little contests, vote for what they like and dislike. You can be Prom Queen every day over there if you like (and enough folks vote you in).”

But first you must start a thread along the lines of “Who sould be the IMHO Prom Queen?” :slight_smile:

Garfield226’s “Email Question” has been moved to the General Questions forum, because it seemed as if Gar was looking for specific information, not opinions.

Mr. Cynical’s “Cactus+Head=Thread” thread has been moved to General Questions.

Slythe said:

I just wanted to thank you for providing an area where people can praise me. I mean, it was overloading the circuits over in GD, so now this forum can handle some of the overflow.

Sounds like a good idea. Check out the new thread. :slight_smile:

Saint Zero’s “Where do you lean politically?” thread and aha’s “What’s your concept of Heaven?” thread have been moved to the Great Debates forum because they deserve to be there.
Sometimes I don’t kick a topic out, I promote it to a higher rank! :slight_smile:

Pizzle Boy’s “Canadian, Eh?” has been moved, per request, to the BBQ Pit.

Prism02’s “HELLO-GREETINGS-SALUTATIONS-HI” thread has been moved to MPSIMS,

Lablonde’s “A Joke For You” thread" is in MPSIMS.

Pizzle Boy’s “Hey Mr. Cynical, I got 12 in a row” thread is in MPSIMS.

aha’s “Fight Club(warning-spoiler)” thread has been moved to General Questions.

PRISM02’s “I NEED PICTURES! CAN YOU HELP?” thread has been moved to MPSIMS.

I done moved tshirt’s “Celebrities you’ve met” thread to MPSIMS.

I was just about to hunt it down. Thanks for the notice.

Everything from MPSIMS has been moved to IMHO. Us MPSIMS moderators need a vacation.