Where'd this new Muppet come from?

I was watching MTV this weekend, and they had a “Making the Video” show about the new Weezer video, which features Muppets. The show played along with the whole Muppets shtick, including have the director of the video be a Muppet.

The thing was, I’d never seen the one that was the director before. It was tiny, had big eyes, red spiky hair on its head and a Spanish(?) accent. It must be new, but the Muppets don’t have a regular show now, so where did it come from? And what is it? Anyone been paying attention?

That sounds like Pepe. Was he a shrimp…er…excuse me…King Prawn? He debuted on Muppets Tonight as one half of a comedy team (the other half being an elephant.) They actually got away with the “what do you get if you cross an elephant and a rhino?” joke on a Muppet show :slight_smile:

Anyway, he’s a little guy, with a strong accent, and ends most sentences with “Okay?” And he’s been in a number of Long John Silver ads. I saw the video, but not the making of, but I’d bet money that’s him.

Okay, what do you get if you cross an elephant and a rhino?

Sounds like Pepe the Prawn. He’s a French shrimp that was added to the cast for Muppets Tonight (1996) and the feature film Muppets in Space (1999). Says things like “I’m not a shrimp, I’m a KING PRAWN, Ohhhh-K?. A PRAAWWWN, ohhhh-Kay?” in a comically thick French accent.

Hell if I know.*
[sub]*Say it really fast.[/sub]

The funny part of that joke was watching Pepe try to explain the joke (with diagrams) to an oblivious studio audience.

Pepe: “El-e-phant? 'ell-if? Rhi-no? I-know? 'ell if I know!”
Audience: “…”

re: Where’d this new Muppet come from?

Well, when a Mommy Muppet and Daddy Muppet really love each other, they…

Oh, come on, you knew someone had to say it.

I always thought Pepe had a Cajun accent…

Thanks all, it was definitely Pepe.