where's the flavorless ice cream?

All ice cream that I’ve ever seen has some kind of flavor. Yes, vanilla is a flavor and who’s to say I can’t have a mango milkshake without any other flavors? I want ice cream without any added flavors!! Where the hell is it??

Well, here in Austin TX, the #1 local ice cream shop is Amy’s, and my favorite flavor there is “sweet cream.” It is exactly what you say you want: sweetened frozen cream, without any additional flavorings. Of course, I always have some m & ms crushed into it anyway.

I’d be surprised if Amy’s was the only brand with such a flavor, though other brands may call it something else.

Think creamy sweet frozen milk. OK but kind of boring. There’a reason they flavor ice cream.

According to a childhood friend his uncle worked in an ice cream factory and said that “dropped” ice cream and other non-toxic “mistakes” were scooped back up and dumped into the chocolate because it’s flavor is stong enough to cover most off tastes. Conversely you had to most careful with the vanilla as it is a fairly delicate flavor.

You can make your own flavorless ice cream very easily. Just whip some heavy cream (you might want to add some milk to it if its too creamy for you) and freeze it. If want a sweet flavor just add sugar to taste.

Years ago I worked at an ice cream parlor. Unless the customer specificly requested that their milkshake be made from a certain flavor ice cream, the shakes were all made by adding syrup to “shake base”. This was pretty much unflavored ice cream.

They have “sweet cream” at Thomas Sweet’s in Princeton, N.J. I’m surprised that someone else has it, too. I’ll have to look out for Amy’s if I’m in Texas (and for the drivers, too, apparently.)