Where's user tdn?

So, I don’t usually do this. In fact I never do this, but last week I noticed prolific poster tdn hadn’t posted in a while. Turns out he hasn’t posted at all in June. I sent him a PM last week and still no hide nor hair.

I believe he lives in the Boston area. Anyone know what’s up with Todd (tdn)?

Just curious since he always seemed to venture into the same threads I did. Heck, I don’t even know what forum to place this question in so I’ll start with MPSIMS.

You’re right! Haven’t noticed him lately. I like his posts. Hope everything’s alright.

Maybe he’s on safari and didn’t ask us if he should go.

I saw him back in April and he seemed fine. One of his recent threads said he got laid off, though, so maybe he’s busy with other things for the time being.

Oh. Crap. I must have missed that thread.


I just checked in with him on Facebook. He’s okay.

Thanks for letting us know.