Which baseball team plays the best player intro music?

From here…

I gotta give it to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

I think you might be right. Of course, I only recognized about 10% of the songs. The Rockies had a few that looked cool, too.

And Batman was an excellent choice for Edgar Martinez.

Sure players pick some interesting tunes, but I’ve always fancied the tunes the opposition plays to tease the visitors. Some are expected, like a pitcher leaving the mound whilst losing to ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ or the pitching coach coming out for a conference to ‘Help!’.

When Frank Robinson was manager of the Orioles, he had to walk to the mound at Toronto when his pitcher was really being pounded on – and Skydome’s music director chose to play ‘Darth Vader’s March’ or whatever it’s called. Crikey, did it fit him perfectly…

This may be wishful thinking, but, in response to Dave Stewart of Oakland discovering that the she he picked up from a bar one night was actually a he, didn’t a few teams play ‘Lola’ when he came in as relief?

It’s a shame you have to attend a Diamondbacks game to hear them. :smiley:

BUZZZZ - Pencils down. I have the answer:

NY Yankees. Mariano Rivera, one of the greatest closers ever. Enter Sandman by Metellica. Sends chills down the spine of the opponent. Amazing.

I looked at just half the teams and found 3 players who requested “She Bang” by William Hung. What that means, I cannot explain.

What would YOUR music be? Personally, I’d prefer “Fight for Your Right” by the Beastie Boys.

Some of my favorites:

SF - Smoke on the Water - Robb Nen (remember him? :rolleyes: ) Very appropriate.
SF - No Sleep til Brooklyn - Rich Aurilia
OAK - Burn, Baby, Burn - Eric Byrnes. I know that title’s wrong- it’s the disco hit.

uh…Metallica, that is…

I love Mo, but I think that’s a little cliche. I think Hell’s Bells is better. Do we know who started doing this first?

How about a team that doesn’t play any music for upcoming batters? I know that will never happen in the sports/entertainment world. But, it might be nice to just a few seconds of quiet at a baseball game.

Naw. Then we’d have to pay attention to the baseball.

Not a whole team, but one player at least: Chicago Cubs, Nomar Garciaparra

Don’t know for sure, but Trevor Hoffman made it work.

Scott Rolen has managed to make a crappy song work. “Rollin’” by Limp Bisquick is a terrible song, but I can’t imagine anything else.

Ditto Bernie Williams of the Yankees.

And yes, Rolen is the only guy who could make Rollin’ work.

I notice that St. Louis Cardinals catcher Mike Matheny has “Dive” by Steven Curtis Chapman. For those who don’t know, Steven Curtis Chapman is a big name in Contemporary Christian Music.

Is Matheny some kind of outspoken Christian?

Well, he’s spoken at Christian Family Day at the ballpark, and he invited the entire team to see “The Passion” with him earlier this year, so I’d say that yes, that’s a fair assessment.

Me? “Reunited” by Peaches & Herb. :d&r:

I’d pick “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits. Or “Song 2” by Blur.

I’d pick something like “Tiny Bubbles” or “It’s Raining Men” - just to throw everyone off.

It’s all about “Hell’s Bells”.

But as a Padre fanatic, I may be biased. But every time I hear it, I get chills…