Which candidates have you supported this election?

“Supported” in the sense of contributing money or time.

My list:

US Congress

IL-4 Chuy Garcia, Chicano Socialist stalwart. He’s not in my district and doesn’t need the money to win this vacant seat, but he’s my favorite local pol and I’m sure he’ll put it to good use somehow.

IL-6 Brad Casten. Not particularly inspiring IMO, but he’s the nearest close race, with a chance to flip a red seat.

US Senate

Baldwin, WI – looks pretty far ahead, but she’s one of my faves and not taking chances.
McCaskill, MO – not one of my faves, but an endangered D.
Donnelly, IN – ditto
O’Rourke, TX – gotta play some offense.

I didn’t actively support my own Congressman, Mike Quigley (IL-5) because he’s in a safe seat and not someone I particularly like. I also didn’t support the Democratic candidate for Illinois Governor, JB Pritzker, because he is an entitled rich fuck and if he wants to buy the election he can damn well use his own money. I will certainly vote for both of them, though.

Your support for Baldwin is appreciated. Her opponent is about as believable as Trump on health care and a nasty piece of work in general.

Did a lot of door knocking one district over in the state senate for a teacher I met during the state walkout.

As a result of the Kavanagh debacle, my wife and I donated $300 to:

$100 to the DSCC
$50 to Claire McCaskill
$50 to Heidi Heithkamp
$50 to the (D) running against our ® Congressman (somewhat of a long-shot for the Democrat, but I really, really want the incumbent to lose.)
$50 to a woman (D) running to flip a state senate seat near us (very good chance of flipping; currently a Republican holds the seat in a state senate district won by Hillary).

ETA: Before the Kavanagh shitshow, we had planned on donating about $50-- $25 to the aforementioned guy running for Congress and $25 to the aforementioned woman running to flip the state senate seat. We still made those, so $350 total.

Didn’t realize we lived so close, I’m also in Quigley’s district. I’m glad he’s getting re-elected. He’s pretty much my ideal Representative.

I initially supported Kennedy but when he went too weird in primary season, I switched to Pritzker. I was glad Biss got demolished and happily cast my vote for Pritzker in the primary and I’ve already mailed my ballot for the general.

Chuy Garcia is an unfunny joke, but he’ll easily win his heavily Hispanic district.

I’ve supported Bill Nelson in Florida. His campaign got off to an awful start, but it looks like the combo of him and Gillum will win in a couple of squeakers.

I’ve also supported Donnelly. It’s amazing the number of super pac ads I saw against him on tv during Cubs games.