Which commercial is playing in the background of this scene?

Does anyone know what that commercial is in the background of this scene? The one with the baby birds and the phones. I seem to remember it from long ago, but I can’t remember which company. Also, has anyone ever had that Fruit Rings cereal? Is it even real?

Thank you~

Fruit Rings could be one of the generic versions of Fruit Loops. My kids liked those better than the real thing. (But the Lucky Charms had to be the real McCoy for them).

Sorry don’t recognize the commercial.

Is that an Aflac commercial? I seem to recall one where the duck is saying, “Aflac!” into the phone, but I don’t remember what the chicks had to do with anything.

Audiobottle, perhaps, but I think the AFLAC duck was more comedic and fake looking. I think the style is a bit different.

I think the commercial is for Bell Canada. Looks like the ones they used circa 2001 or 2002. Nobody seems to consider that campaign worthy of Youtubing, but they had a bunch of cute-things ads, and I’m pretty sure one of them was ducks.

Tengu, actually, I suspected Bell. Yet, I have had no evidence to confirm or dis-confirm it. Thank you for making me more confident~

Actually, I do not think it is Bell since I think Smoke was made in the U.S.