Which doper would be your "phone a friend"?

On GQ just recently, there were two questions of Baseball trivia which were almost instantly answered by zev_steinhardt. My immediate thought was, “if I’m ever on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionare’ and need help with a baseball question, I want him.”

My understanding is that you can have several friends lined up for different areas of expertise.

So…what Dopers would you want for “phone a friend” on a specific subject? What comes to mind immediately are Zev for baseball questions, and Eve if the subject involves old movies.

Thank you for the compliment. :slight_smile: But to be perfectly fair, I didn’t know for sure whether two no-hitters were thrown on the same day. I had to look it up.

As for the show, you can have five “phone a friends.”
My first thought upon seeing your thread (before I opened it) was also to think of Eve for old movies.

Other potential “phone-a-friends” include:

TheBadAstronomer on astronomy & physics.
BobT would be my personal choice for baseball questions.

I’d have to give more thought to others.

Zev Steinhardt

Cecil Adams ‘nuff said.

Sofa King & Tranquillis. I’m not going to limit the subject matter… they seem to know something about everything. Were I to think about this harder, I could probably name 50 or so folks here with plenty many smarts on a variety of subjects. This place is absolutely crawling with grey matter.

tomndebb for general knowledge.
Polycarp for all things theological.
Collounsbury Middle East (and genetically engineered foodstuffs, actually anything genetic.)
Eve for any old movie stuff.
manhattan for debt info. (He once told me he was into debt, and when I looked at him like I didn’t understand-- 'cause I didn’t-- looked at me like I was crazy).

CrankyAsAnOldMan, because…um…she’d get upset if I didn’t. :smiley:

Alas, I’d never agree to do it, because I know you’d come beat on me after I cost you the $250,000 with my lame inaccurate answer.

You’re my guy on Catholic theology though.

Duck Duck Goose would be the brain in my corner.

I would phone Ginger of the North - brains, beauty and fun to chat with on the phone. Even if I was going down in flames I’m sure she could think of some encouraging thing to say. :slight_smile:


Qadcop the Mercotan for all things medical
Jomo Mojo for word origins and many language issues
Zev Steinhardt, BobT and RickJay for baseball
CalMeacham for lots of stuff
Fenris for comics
Jarbabyj for all things kink and Rammstein

I know there are others, but it’s a start…

I got beaten to the punch on tomndebb.

I don’t think I’ve ever interacted with him, but the quality of answers he delivers are just too good to pass him up!