Which Dopers are related?

In this thread, I discovered a number of Dopers were related to one another. Anita Vacation and Geobabe are sisters? DeVena and verbenabeast are siblings? Who knew?

Okay, I wanna know which Dopers are related to one another – siblings, parents, children, cousins, spouses, etc. As for me, I have 0 (zero) relatives on this board, despite trying and failing to get one of my cousins to sign up.

I’m my own grandpa.

kittenlm and I are hubby and wife.

Rufus_Xavier is our illegitimate child.
Ok…one of those might be slightly less than true.

Cardsfan1975 is my hubby.

elfbabe is the daughter of Qadgop the Mercotan, as evidenced by the charming Ask Qadgop’s kid!

Oh, yeah…Ed Zottiis actually my father, but mom never told him.

Gunslinger and I are engaged and almost-but-not-quite live together. We will live together starting August.

I am married to Weirddave, and my niece is Miss Magic8Ball.

bambi is my sibling

CA3799 and I are siblings.


you with the face is my twin sister.

Brynda and I are married. We met here at the SDMB!

cub mistress is Brynda’s sister.

dwalin is my brother, phantomdiver (though she might not have paid to post) is my mother and fizzestothetop is my double-secret fiancée.

Yes, that’s right, I’m breaking the news to everyone!

We’ve got at least two other sets of sibs or hubby/wife on here, but let 'em post here. I won’t spoil the fun:)

I’m married to 1010011010.

I need to try to convince him to change that name. It’s annoying to type out.

Lawoot and I are brothers, but neither of us post often enough for anyone to care… :slight_smile:

Harborwolf is my bro, and Alias is his s.o.

Forgot to add - congrats, iampunha!

Forgot to add - though she may have only posted a few times, bonusmom is Dave’s biological mother.

Cervaise is my mother’s adopted brother’s father’s wife’s grandson’s stepsister’s father’s sister’s step-nephew.

Brainiac4 and I are married. We were married (and had kids) before either of us became Dopers.