Who's related to/married to whom?

Over in this thread I found out that Ms.Robyn and Airman Doors are married. I know we’ve got other couples around here, and I think somewhere I read that someone is QtM’s daughter. But I’m still relatively new to the SDMB, and I haven’t figured out all the relations. Could someone fill me in on who’s related to whom?

Well I’ve got a brother on the boards, jackelope’s the genius of the family, I’m just the baby boy :wink:

Both me and my hubby are new around here, so nobody knows we’re together. But Bitterness Comes Standard is my hubby. He usually only posts in the Pit.

I’m married to JustPlainBryan, but he doesn’t post all that much.

lno and I make up the NoFair household.

Qadgop the Mercotan is elfbabe’s daddy.

I am married to Weirddave. MissMagic8Ball is my neice.

I live with (and am Officially Engaged To) todd33rpm. Although I frequently mention Tbone and The Weeping Princess, they aren’t old enough to actually post here yet (they’re 6 and 4).

I’m an island unto myself.

**Rhiannon8404 ** and I are married. Our son is about 7 years away from being able to post, if I understand the rules correctly.

My wife, whom I variously refer to as Herself, the Missus, or She Who Must Be Obeyed, is registered on here as Den Mum.

**Unclviny ** in my little brother.

FairyChatDad is my husband and skyclad72724 is our daughter, but neither of them post any more. That’s it.

:eek: Like in Alien?

I’m mamrried to that_darn_cat, but we’re not a Doper marriage in the truest sense (i.e. we didn’t meet on the boards).

Married. I’m married to tdc. Not mamrried. I don’t even know what that is, but it sounds vaguely boobalicious. :smack:

I’m engaged to TVGeek , a guest with a whopping 1 post to his credit. At least he finally got a name so I don’t have to call him my fiancee anymore.

harmless is my sister.

waves Hi harmless!!

woodflute is my husband but he is still a guest. I am slowly drawing him into the Dope side :wink:

I have the great good fortune to be married to Dangerosa.