Which episode of Burn Notice was this?

I want to show a specific episode to a friend, but I can’t remember which it was and the episode descriptions aren’t really helping me, though for what it’s worth I think it was from one of the first three seasons.

The plot revolved around Michael messing with a gang by pretending to be some kind of pseudo-satanic mafia guy- he had this hilariously tacky evil act, and most of his hijinks were punctuated by Sam and Fi using timed explosives to make him appear to have supernatural powers.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

I remember the episode and I believe he also repeated the character in a later episode but I don’t do well with episode names. Pretty sure it was 2-3 seasons ago though.

I think it was the one with the doctor who had a free clinic and was being terrorized by drug dealers - “Neighborhood Watch”, in season 4.

Season 3, Episode 11. “Friendly Fire” was the title.

I remembered because Danny Trejo made an appearance as a rival gang leader.

Not to hijack, but I saw on Wikipedia while looking this up that they made a prequel called “Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe” that’s going to air in a couple weeks. Weird that I haven’t seen on commercials on USA for this.