Burn Notice returns!

Tomorrow (Thursday, July 10, 2008) the second season of Burn Notice begins on the USA Network. There’s also a marathon of reruns, earlier in the day. Schedule is here.

For those of you who haven’t seen this show, it’s a very enjoyable mixture of comedy, romance, and action. Clever writing, beautiful people, gorgeous Miami scenery, and the inimitable Bruce Campbell. See you by the pool! Bring your gun.

I’ll be there!

Burn Notice is one of the better shows airing during the summer!

Also looking forward to Dirt, Damages, Psych, Monk, The Shield, Dexter…all the good stuff that usually starts in July! Now that I think of it, many of the summer shows are a hell of a lot better than the regular season shows!

Thanks, pinkfreud, for the heads up on Burn Notice!

This season also promises an invasion by Cylons, so I’m totally there… :slight_smile:

Ivylad loves Burn Notice, and it’s starting to grow on me.

Ivygirl and I are eagerly awaiting The Closer…starts Monday!

I love summer on cable TV. The cable networks have forced the broadcast networks to give up boring re-runs, and now we have more variety all year long!

I liked it better in the last part of the season, when they started letting Sam (Bruce Campbell) show a little competence and badassery of his own, instead of just being a drunk sidekick.

I too am looking forward to it. Ten minutes, warming up the C Band antenna and the DVR.

I really liked the guy in Touching Evil.

That was cool.
“We are not mercenaries.”
Whats His Name, The Mercenary. :slight_smile:
I wonder how long Mike will have to do jobs for the Crossword Woman, and when they will get down to the Special Job he is required for.

I agree with Ogre. I’m usually attracted to plots where the hero doesn’t have to be surrounded by incompetents to make himself seem more heroic. Even Michael’s little brother (aka The Load) was able to shine just a bit towards the end.

I’m looking forward to it! Not sure when it will actually make it to Asia though.

I’m getting into it, one year later. I’m very wary of watching shows before I know they’ve been renewed for a second season. 2 episodes in, and I’m pretty hooked. Is this guy always like MacGuyver?

Ya just gotta know that the Evil Unknown Lady is sooooo going to get it bad at some point.

I had never seen this show, but got myself caught up purely on the recommendations of folks here. I gotta say, I have not been disappointed. The dude is definitely like McGuyver (or however you spell it) in many ways, except better, and I for one am wholeheartedly in favor.

My favorite of those was
“Dude, I’ve got a problem”
Nick: Dude With Problem
It made me giggle like an idiot.

One of my favorites is in the pilot

Are we using spoilers here?

Wherein he lures his captors into a public restroom: “I’m going to be sick, do you understand? In the Mercedes!”
“That’s why I like bathrooms. Lots of hard surfaces.”
My favorite moment in series television is when I hear the two gunshots after the fight. Mike Weston does not screw around.

Sometimes he’s more like the A-Team. :stuck_out_tongue:

except that he doesn’t have to knock himself out before getting on a plane…

And he hits what he shoots at.

Carla is Six from Battlestar Galactica. She’s staying in character.
A couple of thoughts: I thought the first season was moving towards some ultimate difficult mission to be done for the folks who burned him. Will the second season be jobs done for Carla, or an arc about the required mission?
I very, very much wanted to see Fiona kneecap at least one of the guys who took her and Sam out. Perhaps later. Mike can say to Carla, “You’re right, the children should stay home.”

and he doesn’t have to state each and every time how much he loves it when a plan comes together.

Lots of work on the Charger, though.