Which episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus has Eric Idle playing a reporter...

Which season and episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus has a bit where someone (I think it’s Eric Idle) is playing a reporter who is doing a news story but every few seconds, he enters the scene from a new angle?

(I hope that made sense.)

I dont know the episode and number, but I think its the Wicker World sketch.

If so, it’s not just Idle, but all of the other members constantly stepping into the camera field.

here’s a link that may be helpful…


“Helloooo. Iiiiii’m Alaaaaan Whicker.”

He was an odd guy, that Alan Whicker. Had a very distinctive mode of speech. Prime material to parody.

Last sketch of episode 27, which is the first episode of the third series (3/1), recorded 1/14/72 aired 10/19/72. Though it was aired first, it was recorded fifth that season.

Ref: The Complete Monty Python’s Flying Circus - All The Words - Volume 2 ©1989 Python Productions Ltd.

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thanks guys!