Which has the worst theme? Friends or The Office

It’s a tie for me. They’re both equally heinous. I love pop music and I love catchy tunes…but when a song is so blatantly written to be catchy in such a saccharine way, it just grates on me. It’s weird to me that something so benign has captivated my hate glands so much :slight_smile:

I’m not really a *Friends *fan, but I watch The Office on Netflix. Every time the theme song comes on, I hit mute until it’s over. (Netflix also has a scene skip function, but I still mute it just to be safe.) It’s been years since I actually heard it.

What an odd question. At any rate, if I had to choose, it’d be Friends–it’s slightly overdone.

As for the Office? I love it; a quick, somewhat laidback but energetic intro (without lyrics!) that fits the nature of the show quite well, imo.

The Office was, and maybe still is, interesting. Friends, not so much.

I have nothing against The Office’s theme. I even saw some band perform it at the Warped Tour a couple years ago (I was working there, not an audience by choice). What I DO have against the Office’s opening is how dated it is. First of all, BJ Novak is hardly even on the show anymore - they’d be better off having Creed in the credits. Secondly, Pam is no longer a receptionist, so lose the shot of her sitting behind the RECEPTIONIST sign. Lastly, am I just crazy, or did they have an opening with ALL of the main cast for a couple of weeks (and a totally random shot of Jim & Pam making out), and then went back to the old one again?

I still think that the Michael Scott Paper Company alternate opening which they used for 2 weeks is one of the funniest things the show has ever done.

The Friends theme was overplayed, but I liked it just fine, and still have nothing against it.

I don’t watch the Office regularly, and couldn’t whistle the theme if you asked, but the few times I’ve seen it, I didn’t find anything particulaly bad about it.

The Office theme is awesome! Every time I hear it, when it ends, I’m desperately wishing for more.

If it were longer, I’d have it in regular rotation on my general playlist.

What’s wrong with the theme to the Office? I am genuninely puzzled!

I love how, with the Office theme song, if I hit fast forward x1 all the way through it, it somehow turns into a punk thrash type song that actually sounds nice and smooth. It sounds pretty cool that way, so that’s the only way I listen to it, fast forwarded!

Friends theme or I’ll be There For You was the last song I danced to with a good friend the night she was killed. It may be over played, but it still makes me think of her smiling and having a good time. So I still like it.

It’s a tie for me. I hate them both.

The Office theme sing is a nice and catchy original, IMHO. I’m pretty indifferent towards the Friends theme, it kind of fits the show.

Friends has that annoying, overplayed, meaningless pop song. Office has a nice, catchy original song. Friends sucks way more, while the Office theme doesn’t come close to sucking.

I quite like I’ll be there for you. How is it meaningless? Have you actually listened to the lyrics? It tells a perfectly coherent (albeit lightweight and poppy) story of how someone’s life is and how their friend hopes to make it better; so, pretty appropriate to the show. What were you looking for: Wagner? It was a sitcom. I seem to recall quite enjoying the Rembrandts’ album at the time too.

Friends, only because I really like some of the Rembrant’s other songs, and they seemed destined to forever be known for that pablum. Also Rob Paravoian’s take on the Friends theme here has further ruined the song for me.

The Office theme doesn’t stick with me, so I’ll say Friends is much more annoying. It’s so calculated and was so clearly written to be inoffensive while saying goll

stupid editor.