Which is the best Schwarzenegger character action figure?

…y’know, in overall quality, realistic likeness to Arnie, overall coolness, etc.?

The recent “Terminator 3” figures look OK, but a bit…scrawny.

The Macfarlane T2 figures have most of the face shot away.

And the original T2 figures, from what I remember, were a little “cartoony.”

So…any thoughts?

The T3 figures are the only ones that look like Arnold, in my opinion. I don’t believe McFarlane’s sculptors had the rights to use his likeness for T2, which is why they had the “battle-damaged” face. There is a 12" T3 Arnold figure I saw at Virgin Megastore for about $30 (based on one of the 6" figures but obviously much larger)… it may be a good collectible for Californians.

I believe there were also Commando figures in the '80s, but I don’t know what company made them or what they looked like.

The new “Governator” model.

I still like CONAN the best…it was closest to the real him. :smiley:

With special groping and leering action!