Which James Bond Movie is this sequence in?

Okay, I’m a pretty big Bond fan, but haven’t seen them all.

I’m pretty sure there is a series of scenes where Bond has to repeatedly escape from different situations, each requiring creative escapes(okay, so that sounds like each movie).

Anyway, one of them was this. He was in a small room with a lot of candles. If he blew one of the canldes out, it made a small explosion. Anyway, he took a bunch of the candles and put them by the door. He then took one of those things that you squeeze together to make a fire bigger(and that Billy Crystal used to make Wesley say, “to bleve”) and he blows a bunch of the canldes out and blew the door open.

I think he was in a crushing machine for another. Meanwhile, he was watched through cameras by the badguy(Blowfelt?).

I also think it’s Sean Connery, so that narrows it to 6 of them.

You mean bellows??

Oh my. Next, the kids will be talking about “those whippy-thingees they use to make the horses pulling those stagecoach doodads go faster.”

Yes, yes, I’m a moron. But can anyone answer the question?

My father told me he thinks the sequence sounds like a Batman movie.

Now I’m wondering if it’s even in a Bond film.

I cannot answer your question, but I believe that what Wesley said after Miracle Max used the bellows on him was, “to blathe.” Well, actually that’s not what he said, but that’s what Max said he said. Or something. You know what I mean.

Hopefully, now that your OP is sufficently nitpicked to death, someone with some useful information will show up.

Hm. I don’t remember exploding candles in any James Bond films. :confused:

Or how about “Those clickety-clackety things they used to write letters before there were computers?”

Morphing the nitpick into a hijack although there is a Princess Bride connection, I have to mention that I recently met a young man who will be graduating from college in May, so I guess he is about 21. I mentioned some scene from “This is Spinal Tap”. He was familiar with them as a band, but was unaware that they had made a movie, and indeed had never heard of it!:eek:

Sorry I can’t help with the OP.

I’ve seen all the Bond films, and this doesn’t ring any bells.

I’ve seen all the Bond movies except the last two, and the scene described doesn’t ring a bell. Is Matt Helm a possibility?

Well, it must not be a Bond film. Can anyone tell me what movie this is in?

It’s not a Bond movie. The scene you describe is from an episode titled “The Girl Who Was Death” from The Prisoner, a British TV series starring Patrick McGoohan. That particular episode was meant to be a direct Bond spoof, so that may explain the confusion.

Bryan Elkers nailed it. The only thing to add is that McGoohan ap[parently wanted to do thaty show as an episode of Danger Man (known in the US as Secret Agent), which would have made it even more of a takeoff on James Bond. McGoohan;'s secret agent Drake eschewed a lot of the Bond traits, including excessive gunplay and sex.