Which Klingon Was John Tesh?

I just recently saw a repeat of the Star Trek: the Next Generation episode “The Icarus Factor”. This was from the 1988/89 season with Dr. Pulaski as ship’s doctor (still one of my favorite characters, but I digress). Anyways, in the Klingon ritual on the holodeck where Worf was hit with multiple pain sticks, one of the Klingons was supposedly John Tesh. And for the longest time now, I have wondered exactly which one. Not that I am a big fan of Mr. Tesh. But as I’ve said, I have been curious for a while now. If anyone has any links to any illustrative pictures on Mr. Tesh in Klingon drag, that would be very helpful.


Does it have to be Klingon drag? :slight_smile:

Googled “john tesh klingon” and found this site…

I just tried to find it on Star Trek.com, but it isn’t there.

I seem to remember him being first or third in line on Worf’s right during the ceremony.

He was the one that shocked Worf, then interviewed him about his upcoming off-Broadway musical.

I remember watching it as it first aired with a freind and they said, “Hey! That was what’s his name!” Some time later, I saw it on ET (is that the show he did?) and it sure was ol what’s his name. Pretty obvious, too, once you know to look for it. You can’t hide that guy.

I wish I had the ep infront of me to tell you exactly which order he’s standing in, but he shocks Worf with a stick while yelling with his teeth bared. That help?

You know, that’s kind of like describing an actor playing a waiter in a restaurant with full staff as “the guy in the tuxedo”…

Yeah, I’m pretty good with that kind of thing.

Remember that episode where they did that stuff and at the end it all worked out? Yeah…

Letting my true ST geekiness out here:

His character’s name was…no, I’m not making it up…it was… K’tesh! Nope, I couldn’t think that kinda stuff up on my own if I tried!

Here is a picture of him - he’s the first one on the page. That pic doesn’t really give a good point of reference of which one he was, but you might be able to match the background of this picture to an appropriate shot from The Icarus Factor (IIRC, he was 2nd or 3rd from front on the left hand side)

He was the tall one.

He was the one with the really big head.