Which metro area contains the largest percent of its country's population?

…not counting city-states.

As an example (the example that sparked this question), according to Wikipedia, the Seoul National Capital Area contains about 48.2% of South Korea’s population. That seems pretty high, but what’s the highest?

I realize this depends on the definition of metro area. I don’t really have one in mind, so feel free to cite anything.

nm, i should read first. (was going to say a city-state)


Pop of country: 2.8 mil
Pop of Kuwait City metro: 2.3 mil

I’m going to go for Vatican City. 100%.

at first i missed the “no city states, please” part, too. :cool:

EDIT: beaten to it

Kuwait might have it beat, but Reykjavik is up there.

Greater Reykjavík Area - 202,000
Iceland - 316,960

How about Ulan Bator, Mongolia? (1,067,472 // 3,041,142)

Originally I was going to mention Vaduz, Liechtenstein (which technically isn’t a city-state) but apparently the city has only 15% of the country’s population.


Another contender would be Djibouti, capital of the Republic of Djibouti. City/country populations are estimated at 624k / 864k respectively, though there seem to be several different numbers running around Wikipedia.