Which necessary personal grooming habits do you hate?

I hate towelling off after a shower.
I hate brushing and flossing my teeth.
I hate cutting my nails.
I hate hate hate cutting my toenails.
I hate shaving.
I hate plucking.
I hate wiping my ass.

(I’m not saying I don’t do all these things, I just hate doing them.)

The whole morning thing! Showering, brushing, combing my hair. I wish I could jump out of bed, throw on some clothes and go.

I hate plucking my eyebrows. I hate washing my face. I hate shaving. But I do it all for the sake of beauty…sigh

I am SOOOO glad I’m not a woman! Y’all do so much extra for us guys. We do appreciate it tho! :slight_smile:

I’ve got essential tremors and, while the fingernails aren’t so bad, trimming toenails can be a major chore. Occasionally shaving gets a little dicey.

And I hate having to go get haircuts.

Plucking sucks.

What’s up with the myth about killing the hair follicle eventually? “Repeated waxing/plucking will damage the follicle” yeah right. :dubious:

Trimming nose hairs and ear hairs. Cutting toe nails.

This thread makes me realize that my two grooming dislikes fade into insignificance compared to tweezing eyebrows and shaving anything other than my face.

A good reason to enjoy being a guy.

I don’t pluck, I rarely shave, I don’t style my hair, I don’t use makeup. As to what I hate to do: flossing.

I’m not a very girlie girl, nor do I play one on television.

Flossing sucks, but I rarely do that. It’s difficult since I have a wire behind my bottom teeth.

Shaving my legs is no fun because my legs are too long.

I hate washing my face. Getting my face wet just really freaks me out.

Getting dressed.
Why, why oh why couldn’t evolution have left us covered in soft thick fur?

I absolutely hate shaving, it’s such a pain in the ass, especially in summer. And the whole shower+makeup+hair stuff in the morning when all I want to do is sleep in another 30 mins and skip the hassle. Oh and cutting and painting my toenails is a bitch. lol.

Shaving, Jesus I hate shaving every sodding day knowing full well that having scraped my chops with a piece of sharp steel I’ll only have to repeat the performance tomorrow and the day after and the…

I especially hate shaving. I’m near-sighted so trying to shave my legs in the shower is basically a fumbling comedy of errors. I always seem to end up with a mohawk on my knees or something.

I don’t understand how so many women can pluck their eyebrows. Every time I’ve ever contemplated it, the pain drives me yelping away.

Queen Tonya, plucking and waxing does damage the hair follicle! From what I can tell, it damages it so much that the hair becomes darker, thicker and faster growing.

For me, hair removal is the chore I would gladly give up on a day-to-day basis (and I realize I could, of course, but I’m not quite ready to be the wolf-woman just yet).

Pretty much everything. The whole showering process, the whole makeup process, plucking, shaving legs, fixing my hair, everything.

I still do it though, but I have it all down to a science.

I hate washing my hair. Actually, I don’t really hate washing it exactly, I hate getting out of the shower with wet hair and then having to deal with it. It’s a big stupid time suck, and because it occurs at the same time as the shower, it’s competing with other stuff I have to do, like get dressed and put my contacts in.

For the life of me, I wish I could figure out a way to isolate the hair washing from other personal grooming tasks. You can sit down and trim your nails any time you want (in the privacy of your own home), I want to do the same with my hair.

Yes, I know the obvious answer is to cut it all off, but I am far, far too vain for that.

Having just chopped most of my hair off, I have to say, I used to hate dealing with it but now when I get out the shower, towel-drying actually dries it… run a comb through it and I’m good. Wowie.

I have to say, shaving sucks. I shave almost my entire body where there’s visible hair 'cept my head, and the upkeep is about twenty minutes a day. Putting on makeup is a drag, too.

I hate shaving. My legs are fairly hairless, so I don’t actually have to shave them, but I do have to shave my underarms and they’re sensitive and it is a very unpleasant experience. Thank heavens for Dove deodorant – it’s actually helped the situation a great deal.

I also hate dealing with my feet. I hate cutting my toenails, I hate that the skin on my feet is dry and must be given extra doses of moisturizing and exfoliating, I love the winter when I can just smear on big globs of petroleum jelly and lotion, put on some socks and let them go.

And delphica? Why not wear a shower cap, and wash your hair in the sink at some other time? I know it’s hard with long hair, but if you keep a clean kitchen, you can always use the kitchen sink and just clean it well afterward.