Which of these four statements is a lie?

In which poster A lists three true statements and one lie, in no particular order. Poster B then guesses which of the statements is the untrue, and then lists three truths and one lie of his/her own for the next poster to decipher.

I’ll begin.

  1. I was once the best person in a lesbian wedding, having dated one of the brides before she came out and remained her buddy afterward. A few days before the wedding I went out to dinner with the two brides, who thought it amusing to set me up with the other bride’s gay cousin, and then dared me to make out with him to demonstrate my lack of homophobia. I did, and he was quite a good kisser.

  2. I used to date another woman who told me that she once had sex with her (adult) nephew. Her reasons were vast and complicated, but involved wanting to see the look on her mother’s face when she told her.

  3. Years ago, in a bit of drunken revelry, I accidentally french-kissed one of my sisters-in-law. Well, I suppose I should say we french-kissed one another; it’s not like I was holding her down or anything.

  4. Once upon a time, my girlfriend called me around 2 in the morning to ask me to pick her up from work, as she had just been fired. When I agreed she told me she was not working at the gas station where I thought she was working, but at another business a block away. When I got to the address she gave me, I found it was a residence. My girlfriend was sitting outside in a mini-skirt, stripper heels, and halter-top. As we drove away in silence, she asked me if I wanted to know why she had been fired and what her job was. I replied, “No, not really. I figured it out and would rather not know the details.”

Anybody else?

Oh, and the false statement is

Number 3.

Before I read the spoiler, I guessed it was 2.

  1. In high school, I once took the girl with the well deserved reputation to the weekly Friday gathering at the drive-in movie. That particular night, she became legendary by giving 23 blow jobs in one night. I was # 3 and # 13.

  2. A girlfriend (we were 17 and this turned out to be a very long term on and off GF, eventually, I was like family - single mom and 3 daughters) and I one nice summer day were having some private time on this HUGE comfy chair in her mom’s house. Mom was supposed to be working. Girlfriend’s on top, straddling me, facing me. My face was occupied and I wasn’t being observant behind her. There’s a very small noise. GF freezes. Buries her head and says “that’s my mom, isn’t it?”.

“yep, sure is”

Mom just leaves the room. Never said a word about it again. Two years later when GF is moving into the small ranch she bought, Mom shows up in a friends pickup with The Chair in the back. Says she never, ever sat in the thing again and figured it might as well get some use.

  1. I once worked in a large amusement/shopping mall-ish place in the SW Chicago 'burbs. (Any old area Dopers remember Old Chicago?) The man that ran the games concession was an honest-to god NJ mobster that made his fortune running boardwalks on the coast. I was a supervisor, and one of the “Guys he Trusted”. Occasionally, he’d grab me when I came to work in the mornings, hand me a paper with horse numbers, a wad of cash and how much to put on what horse - No Exceptions, and bring him what’s left at the end of the card. The man won a LOT.

  2. Same guy - I had to work a lot of shifts in the game booths, of course - before and after I became a supervisor. We were always randomly putting people in the lie detector because there was a lot of cash involved. We’d get people flunking, and yet it never seemed like there were shortages from what was expected and cash always balance in the booths if we did surprise cash grabs (Shut down for 5 minutes to collect everything, issue new banks and start up again). I and another guy spent a couple weekend days in booths, imagining ways to do that. The second Saturday, I walked inot the Man’s office at 6 PM. I told him what booth to audit, the one me and my buddy worked ALL DAY. He asked why, and I pulled $400 in $20’s out of my pocket that I stole without even my partner noticing. And the game balanced. He let me keep half the money for showing him that, and the next day a lot pf procedures were changed.

I won’t post more statements until someone else does, but I find it difficult to believe you were foolish enough to try number four.

He did tell us find out WTF was happening. The lie is actually #3, I was too young to place bets, he sent someone else

I knew it was 2 or 3 because they were the shortest, with the least detail. But I guessed right. :slight_smile: