which of these two cars would you prefer........

a 1970 Boss 302, of which there were about 7,000 produced…


or a 1966 Corvette coupe, which numbered about 10,000…


I’d probably end up selling it, so I’d take whichever one is worth more.

(They’re nice-looking cars, but they’re a bit impractical for my purposes.)

If this is a vehicle for regular use, the Mustang wins. The Mustang is more functional and maintainable. It has at least some back seat and trunk. I bet parts are more available.

If this is a vehicle for a one week cruise, I love the Vette. I always say, “With a Corvette, you need two vehicles and one of them should be a tow truck.”

Full disclosure, I’m anti-collector car. Storing something in a climate controlled garage, carefully starting it on a routine schedule to keep the lubricants in the right place, stressing over oxidation… it’s all work. Cars should be fun, and fun means driving them. I’ll let museum curators maintain history.

Given that mindset, a numbers-matching 1970 BOSS 302 is rare for a Mustang, and possibly the most desirable muscle care out there. I’d sweat bullets every time I drove the thing.

That Corvette is just a Corvette. I’d still sweat bullets, but less so. I’d probably drive it more often because of that, which would make it the better buy, IMO.

I’ll take the muscle car almost every time, but lose the stripe, please.

That Boss is spectacular and would be the hands down winner against most Corvettes, the '66 Vette included.

Since my dream car is a 1970 429 Boss, I’ll choose the 302 Boss as a second choice. There were apparently only 499 429s made in 1970, and against the odds, one was bought new by a neighbor of mine in 1970. I loved that car as only a 12 year old kid in 1970 could…

The Boss 302 looks soooo much cooler.

My former brother-in-law had a new Boss 302 back in the day. He wrecked it. The only thing he had left from it were the floor mats, which he put in his 1971 Plymouth GTX 440 Magnum. Which he wrecked. His family nickname was, not surprisingly, “Crunch”.

I’d go with the 'Stang. It was a hot car, and the best looking of the two. It came out before the Mustang design meltdown. I have to say that the 2012 Cobra is a bad-ass looking machine.

They both look quite nice. But I’d love to have the 'vette. Some 2012 technology in the suspension, possibly an AWD drive train conversion if not too impractical would make it a very fun little ride.

They’re both hideous. The second one is slightly less so? So I guess that one.

I like both, but would go for the Mustang. I would bet it’s cheaper to maintain.

The one with a manual transmission.

I personally would look ridiculous in either of those cars.
I think you get to a certain age where you maybe should NOT be squeezing into vehicles designed for high school kids.

The Mustang was a great car, but all the crappy paint and the spoiler and every little toy bell and whistle has turned the car into a caricature of itself. It really does look like a wet dream for a 12 year old - but most guys eventually grow out of their fascination of cars designed by Tonka.

The Corvette is a classic - but once again, at a certain age you start to look a bit silly trying to get in and out of that car.

most high school kids can’t afford a $60,000 automobile.

Just curious- what do you drive?

The Boss 302, no question to me. Love that sound. Plus, my first car was a 'stang, though it was just an ordinary one. I am biased.

The 66 'vette is a beautiful car, I gotta admit. But I go with the Boss.

Thanks for the response, carnut, and all you other folks, too, that responded to the question.

Even as a Ford guy, I gotta take the Vette.

The Boss. I’d like the Vette too, but it isn’t the best looking Vette ever made, more classic value than anything else.

And I was just going to say that I’m a classic 'Vette girl, but I’d go with the Ford. :slight_smile: