which of these wheels would you prefer




I prefer shiny, I like the 2nd set best.

I like A

At a glance I’m seeing very similar, if not identical wheels, with one set being being polished or chromed, and the other with a flat finish. I’d go with the flat finish because I like driving my cars and I don’t want to spend the time maintaining the shine in B. There is a kind of thing that looks sort of like a koosh ball that you can chuck up in drill driver and polish up chrome wheels pretty easily, so I guess I’m even lazier than that, so definitely A.

The rims on the second option look larger than stock in addition to their polish. IMO, that negatively affects the handling. I prefer the first option.

A. I like all things in moderation. Engines that are chromed to the last inch don’t do anything for me. Same for wheels. I like detail.

With that said the chrome wheels aren’t hateful. they accent the natural chrome of the car. They don’t suck the visual oxygen out of the car by any stretch.

where I come from, we don’t mess with perfection. Go with the original:


I prefer A. They are more or less period correct for the car. That’s a big thing for me. I’d still prefer something that would have come from the Ford assembly line in the mid sixties, though not necessarily what would have come on that specific car.

They didn’t come along until later in the sixties but I always loved Ford Magnum 500 wheels. They also came with Mustang center caps. These wheels would be more correct for the cars in the OP.

I really like the basic look of the first one.

If the car is red, like the example shots, I’d go with the flat finish wheels.

A. I think they seem closer to original plus they don’t use low - profile tires. As we enter pothole season, many people are about to find out just how much new tires and new rims cost. A rim and tire set that nice? It should be around for a while…
says the guy who will never have a sports car near as nice

I prefer “A”. Not overstated, they just complement the car. IMHO

Those look really cool, but I think they’re the type used on fairly late model Mustangs. Actually, I’m currently running the original type wheels, which were on the car when I bought it, but I was considering some old style American Racing mags for a different look.

Thanks, folks, for the feedback

Yeah. I, too, like the Magnum 500 wheels. I had those on a 69 Mach 1 I sold. Count- I’m personally not a fan, either, of low profile tires. McMurphy- I have used that same nickname on another forum, though I’m currently using Lucas Jackson there. I’m also currently reading The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test. That Kesey was a trip.

I prefer a period correct wheel too. My vote goes for “A”, the Torque Thrust D.

See pic below of my Mustang for proof:


Nice car, and yes, those wheels do look good on it. I’ve never owned a 68, but had a S code 67 GT, and like a dummy, I sold it. Wish I had it back and the 69 Mach 1. Owned both of them at the same time, and sold both within a couple of years. Not smart.

We digress . . .

Yea, Kesey was pretty crazy. In the last couple of weeks I watched “Cuckoo’s Nest” again. Great movie. I can’t understand why Kesey took so much umbrage at the way the movie was adapted from the book. Yes, there was a substantive change of perspective but the movie was great and the book was great. They can and should coexist.

Now, carry on. No intent to hijack.
I still stick with “A”. They just look more appropriate and classier. I’ve always been amazed at how much the wheels can influence the look of a car. Maybe it’s like teeth. An otherwise good looking person with bad teeth can be unappealing. Wheels are important to the look of the car.